The Ted Marshall Open

The Allison LaPlaca Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be cancelled during the 2000-01 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each cancelled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be cancelled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the rating of Super Bowl XXXVI, which was 40.4.

The Graveyard
Ally McBeal September 1997-20 May 2002: It's hard to lose a show that was a lightweight on so many levels.
American Embassy 18 March 2001-1 April 2002: Deported
Bob Patterson 26 September 2001-31 October 2001: According to Nielsen Research, its only viewer was a Mr. Art Vandelay
Citizen Baines 29 September 2001-10 November 2001: I guess adding the talking pig didn't help.
Danny 28 September 2001-5 October 2001: It was now 2001, and I blew my career on forgettable kiddie flicks and then I thought doing an update of Szysznyk would be a good idea
Dark Angel September 2000-October 2002: I don't know what I'll miss more, the robotic characters or the robotic acting.
Dharma and Greg September 1997-May 2002: Now Alan Rachins can concentrate on those Gateway commercials full time.
Education of Max Bickford September 2001-May 2002: Now that Dryefuss and Elfman are unemployed, could Kippendorf's Tribe II be far behind?
Emeril 25 September 2001-1 January 2002: The Iron Chef guys doing a sitcom would have been much better.
Family Guy January 1999-February 2002: Thus relieving our glut of Rhode Island based shows.
Felicity September 1998-12 March 2002: With one breath, with one flow, you're an ex-show, goodbye Felicity
Glory Days January 2002-March 2002: Apparently people didn't like that the lead character's friend was not a big baseball player back in high school.
Greg the Bunny March 2002-June 2002: I'll miss the puppets -- Greg, Count Blah, Sarah Silverman
Imagine That 8 January 2002-15 January 2002: I'm not the person you should be asking.
Inside Schwartz 27 September 2001-3 January 2002: Come and knock on my door, we've been waiting for you, this show really sucked so you've been thrown off the air too.
Maybe It's Me September 2001-May 2002: Yes, it was.
Men, Women and Dogs Well, one third of the title was right.
Once and Again September 1999-15 April 2002: What will Sela Ward do, besides the Maybelline commercials, and the Sprint commercials, and the...
Pasadena September 2001-November 2001: After Exit to Eden, this counts as a career rebound for Dana Delaney.
Philly September 2001-28 May 2002: Write in on the board in black, Kyle, it's dead.
Raising Dad September 2001-May 2002: I thought the whole reason Bob Saget wanted off Full House is because he didn't want to be typecast as a single father raising a teenaged daughter?
Roswell October 1999-14 May 2002: All unused Tabasco Sauce bottles may be sent to Noel Erinjeri, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Special Unit 2 April 2001-February 2002: Special Unit 2 has now been converted to CBS' name for sister network UPN.
That's Life October 2001-February 2002: It rolled up in a big ball and died.
The Ellen Show September 2001-January 2002: Ironically, the first sitcom about a failed dot-com worker fails within a year.
The Tick 8 November 2001-March 2002: The curse of Seinfeld is even striking semi-regulars. Guess that development deal with Estelle Harris is off.
The X-Files September 1993-May 2002: At least they're getting off before they have a show-killing baby. Oops, too late.
Thieves 28 September 2001-23 November 2001: Maybe John Stamos could hook back up with the Olsen twins -- this time for a loan.
Three Sisters January 2001-February 2002: I don't have a pithy comment, I didn't even know this show existed.
UC: Undercover 30 September 2001-23 March 2002: UC: Ultimately Cancelled
Undeclared Somewhere, someone will give Judd Apatow another show, while this comedy genius has to toil on barely-read websites.
What About Joan? 27 March 2001-9 October 2001: I got tommorrow's newspaper, the show I was in with the ditched fianceé of Kevin Kline was cancelled
Wolf Lake 19 September 2001-24 October 2001: I saw a wolf with a remote in his hand, walking through the channels on the telly. He was looking for a place called CBS, the place for those with pants up past their belly.
My Guide to Being a Rock Star Step 1: Air on a network that actually attracts viewers.

Location (Tiebreaker)
Greg Sorenson
Evanston IL (40.1)
10-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)5-Thieves (ABC)
  9-Inside Schwartz (NBC)4-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)
  8-Emeril (NBC)3-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  7-Greg the Bunny (FOX)2-Pasadena (FOX)
  6-Special Unit 2 (UPN)1-Once and Again (ABC)
Timothy Woodward
Exeter, NH (46.4)
10-The X-Files (FOX)5-The Tick (FOX)
  9-UC: Undercover (NBC)4-Family Guy (FOX)
  8-Bob Patterson (ABC)3-Greg the Bunny (FOX)
  7-Emeril (NBC)2-Pasadena (FOX)
  6-Scrubs (NBC)1-Dark Angel (FOX)
Roger Craig
East Coast (44)
10-Imagine That (NBC)5-Danny (CBS)
  9-Greg the Bunny (FOX)4-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  8-American Embassy (FOX)3-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)
  7-Citizen Baines (CBS)2-Off Centre (WB)
  6-Raising Dad (WB)1-The Guardian (CBS)
James Dinan
Arlington, VA (41.4)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-According to Jim (ABC)
  9-Wolf Lake (CBS)4-Danny (CBS)
  8-Thieves (ABC)3-Once and Again (ABC)
  7-Three Sisters (NBC)2-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  6-The Ellen Show (CBS)1-Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (WB)
Samer Ismail
Philadelphia, PA (42.9)
10-Wolf Lake (CBS)5-Undeclared (FOX)
  9-Thieves (ABC)4-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)
  8-Emeril (NBC)3-Reba (WB)
  7-Maybe It's Me (WB)2-Citizen Baines (CBS)
  6-According to Jim (ABC)1-The X-Files (FOX)
Beth Gaughan
london,ontario (35)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  9-Wolf Lake (CBS)4-Alias (ABC)
  8-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)3-That's Life (CBS)
  7-Raising Dad (WB)2-Inside Schwartz (NBC)
  6-Scrubs (NBC)1-Danny (CBS)
David Thorsley
Michigan (40.3)
10-Undeclared (FOX)5-Greg the Bunny (FOX)
  9-Bob Patterson (ABC)4-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  8-Emeril (NBC)3-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)
  7-According to Jim (ABC)2-Citizen Baines (CBS)
  6-Pasadena (FOX)1-Raising Dad (WB)
Mark Coen
Babson Park, MA (41.2)
10-Wolf Lake (CBS)5-Three Sisters (NBC)
  9-According to Jim (ABC)4-Inside Schwartz (NBC)
  8-Pasadena (FOX)3-Reba (WB)
  7-Special Unit 2 (UPN)2-UC: Undercover (NBC)
  6-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)1-Emeril (NBC)
Anthony de Jesus
a chair in front of a computer (38.1)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-Smallville (WB)
  9-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)4-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  8-Thieves (ABC)3-Pasadena (FOX)
  7-Reba (WB)2-Citizen Baines (CBS)
  6-Danny (CBS)1-The Tick (FOX)
Dwight Kidder
Bridgeville, PA (44.3)
10-Off Centre (WB)5-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  9-Emeril (NBC)4-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  8-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)3-The Agency (CBS)
  7-The Ellen Show (CBS)2-Danny (CBS)
  6-Raising Dad (WB)1-The X-Files (FOX)
Walt Meier
Annapolis, MD (37.6)
10-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)5-According to Jim (ABC)
  9-Alias (ABC)4-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  8-Bob Patterson (ABC)3-The Ellen Show (CBS)
  7-Philly (ABC)2-Danny (CBS)
  6-Emeril (NBC)1-Thieves (ABC)
Rick Terpstra
Clifton Heights, PA (43.3)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)
  9-Bob Patterson (ABC)4-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  8-Roswell (UPN)3-Angel (WB)
  7-Family Guy (FOX)2-24 (FOX)
  6-Alias (ABC)1-The X-Files (FOX)
Craig D. Barker
Livonia, MI (39.5)
10-Pasadena (FOX)5-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  9-Special Unit 2 (UPN)4-Third Watch (NBC)
  8-Wolf Lake (CBS)3-My Guide to Being a Rock Star (WB)
  7-According to Jim (ABC)2-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)
  6-Citizen Baines (CBS)1-Friends (NBC)
Ahmed Ismail
Cambridge, MA (37.5)
10-Thieves (ABC)5-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  9-The Ellen Show (CBS)4-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  8-Reba (WB)3-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)
  7-Inside Schwartz (NBC)2-UC: Undercover (NBC)
  6-According to Jim (ABC)1-The X-Files (FOX)
Joe Wright
Los Angeles (38.9)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  9-Scrubs (NBC)4-My Wife and Kids (ABC)
  8-Greg the Bunny (FOX)3-Felicity (WB)
  7-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)2-Pasadena (FOX)
  6-The Guardian (CBS)1-The X-Files (FOX)
Nate Meyvis
New Haven, CT (43.3)
10-The Ellen Show (CBS)5-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  9-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)4-Citizen Baines (CBS)
  8-Alias (ABC)3-Maybe It's Me (WB)
  7-Off Centre (WB)2-Inside Schwartz (NBC)
  6-Smallville (WB)1-Special Unit 2 (UPN)
David Goodman
Rockville, MD (41.2)
10-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)5-The Tick (FOX)
  9-Bob Patterson (ABC)4-My Wife and Kids (ABC)
  8-According to Jim (ABC)3-Inside Schwartz (NBC)
  7-Alias (ABC)2-Three Sisters (NBC)
  6-Citizen Baines (CBS)1-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
Kristin Hamlin
Chantilly, VA (38.2)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Off Centre (WB)
  9-Inside Schwartz (NBC)4-Yes, Dear (CBS)
  8-Pasadena (FOX)3-Ally McBeal (FOX)
  7-The X-Files (FOX)2-Dharma and Greg (ABC)
  6-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)1-Scrubs (NBC)
David Bykowski
Ann Arbor, MI (38.4)
10-The Bernie Mac Show (FOX)5-One on One (UPN)
  9-Danny (CBS)4-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  8-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)3-Emeril (NBC)
  7-Inside Schwartz (NBC)2-The Ellen Show (CBS)
  6-According to Jim (ABC)1-Scrubs (NBC)
Kevin Michael Wilcox
Austin, TX (37.8)
10-Pasadena (FOX)5-Off Centre (WB)
  9-Emeril (NBC)4-What About Joan? (ABC)
  8-According to Jim (ABC)3-The Agency (CBS)
  7-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)2-Greg the Bunny (FOX)
  6-Reba (WB)1-Glory Days (WB)
Charlie Steinhice
Chattanooga, TN (43.1)
10-One on One (UPN)5-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  9-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)4-The Guardian (CBS)
  8-Raising Dad (WB)3-The Agency (CBS)
  7-Thieves (ABC)2-Emeril (NBC)
  6-The Bernie Mac Show (FOX)1-Danny (CBS)
Matt Levine
Berkeley, CA (38.7)
10-Thieves (ABC)5-Raising Dad (WB)
  9-Off Centre (WB)4-The Ellen Show (CBS)
  8-Alias (ABC)3-Inside Schwartz (NBC)
  7-Scrubs (NBC)2-Reba (WB)
  6-Danny (CBS)1-UC: Undercover (NBC)
Jason Weill
Carnegie Mellon University, Pgh, PA (38.4)
10-Futurama (FOX)5-Bob Patterson (ABC)
  9-Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (WB)4-Three Sisters (NBC)
  8-Felicity (WB)3-Emeril (NBC)
  7-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)2-Inside Schwartz (NBC)
  6-Undeclared (FOX)1-Reba (WB)
Shawn De Veau
10-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)5-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  9-One on One (UPN)4-The Agency (CBS)
  8-Crossing Jordan (NBC)3-Thieves (ABC)
  7-Smallville (WB)2-Danny (CBS)
  6-Raising Dad (WB)1-Pasadena (FOX)
Chris Sorcic
Champaign, IL (44.7)
10-My Wife and Kids (ABC)5-Danny (CBS)
  9-One on One (UPN)4-Raising Dad (WB)
  8-According to Jim (ABC)3-Dead Zone (UPN)
  7-Inside Schwartz (NBC)2-Pasadena (FOX)
  6-The Ellen Show (CBS)1-Wolf Lake (CBS)
Michael Philpy
Dartmouth College (38.7)
10-Danny (CBS)5-My Wife and Kids (ABC)
  9-Emeril (NBC)4-Law and Order: Criminal Intent (NBC)
  8-Pasadena (FOX)3-Citizen Baines (CBS)
  7-Scrubs (NBC)2-Yes, Dear (CBS)
  6-The Tick (FOX)1-Boston Public (FOX)
Mike Burger
Ann Arbor, MI (41.5)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-According to Jim (ABC)
  9-Inside Schwartz (NBC)4-Danny (CBS)
  8-Reba (WB)3-Dharma and Greg (ABC)
  7-24 (FOX)2-Alias (ABC)
  6-Special Unit 2 (UPN)1-Friends (NBC)
Brian M. Hight
Plano, TX (39.2)
10-Dead Zone (UPN)5-Danny (CBS)
  9-Off Centre (WB)4-Family Guy (FOX)
  8-Emeril (NBC)3-One on One (UPN)
  7-Pasadena (FOX)2-The Bernie Mac Show (FOX)
  6-Raising Dad (WB)1-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
Adam Fine
Gaithersburg, MD (42.7)
10-Raising Dad (WB)5-Imagine That (NBC)
  9-The Parkers (UPN)4-Undeclared (FOX)
  8-Pasadena (FOX)3-Smallville (WB)
  7-Reba (WB)2-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)
  6-One on One (UPN)1-Friends (NBC)
Kevin Olmstead
Ann Arbor (20)
10-Emeril (NBC)5-Touched by an Angel (CBS)
  9-Scrubs (NBC)4-Citizen Baines (CBS)
  8-Crossing Jordan (NBC)3-Angel (WB)
  7-Education of Max Bickford (CBS)2-Wolf Lake (CBS)
  6-What About Joan? (ABC)1-The District (CBS)
Stan Jastrzebski
Elgin, Illinois (39.8)
10-Smallville (WB)5-Men, Women and Dogs (WB)
  9-Emeril (NBC)4-Alias (ABC)
  8-The Guardian (CBS)3-Off Centre (WB)
  7-Special Unit 2 (UPN)2-According to Jim (ABC)
  6-Wolf Lake (CBS)1-Maybe It's Me (WB)

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