The Ted Marshall Open

The Allison LaPlaca Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be cancelled during the 2002-03 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each cancelled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be cancelled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the rating of Super Bowl XXXVII.

With two exceptions, the 2002-03 results are in. Congratulations to James Dinan, who won his second contest in three years, and would have been perfect if FOX had not gotten cold feet on Septuplets. The order below James may change as two shows -- Becker and The Drew Carey Show -- are still in negotiations to be midseason replacements. Check back in July for a link to the 2003-04 contest.

The Graveyard
Andy Richter Controls The Universe19 March 2002-12 January 2003: Why didn't you watch this show? It was very funny. Shame on you.
Birds Of PreySeptember 2002-November 2002: We have to pray (pray). We have to pray (pray). We have to pray, so this show is cancelled today.
Bram And Alice22 September-27 October 2002: Where in the heck were Sharon and Lois? And who the heck is Alice?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer10 March 1997-20 May 2003: Riley, Xander, Buffy, Cordelia, Rupert, Willow, Spike. Didn't anybody have a normal name?
Dawson's Creek20 January 1998-14 May 2003: <Varsity Blues Voice>I don't want this show.</Varsity Blues Voice>
DinotopiaDecember 2002: Extinct.
Do Over19 September 2002-15 December 2002: Instead, this time, make it not suck.
Family Affair12 September 2002-13 March 2003: The late name change to Mr. Freedom didn't help.
Fastlane18 September 2002-May 25 2003: Who ever thought Bill Bellamy and Tiffani Thiessen would be on the same network, let alone the same show?
FireflySeptember-Decmber 2002: Hey Barney, there's a crappy show aboard a spaceship, you want me to check it out?
Futurama28 March 1999-6 April 2003: The FOX network can bite my shiny metal ass.
girls club21 October 2002-28 October 2002: Rule #1 about girls club: Don't talk about how bad girls club sucked.
Greetings From Tucson20 September 2002-9 May 2003: And goodbye from the rest of the country.
HauntedSeptember 2002-October 2002: Isn't pretty much every show on UPN?
Hidden Hills24 September 2002-21 January 2003: It's like any other cancelled show, only stupider.
In Laws24 September 2002-14 January 2003: Dennis Farina in a comedy? How did this not work?
John Doe20 September 2002-25 April 2003: D'oh!
Just Shoot MeMarch 1997-August 2003: Your wish is my command.
MDsSeptember 2002-December 2002: Aborted.
Miracles27 January 2003-March 10 2003: If not even a miracle was enough, what would have been?
Off CentreSeptember 2001-November 2002: Offed
Presidio MedSeptember 2002-Jaunary 2003: Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
ProvidenceSeptember 1999-December 2002: Sadly, it will end before that special two-parter when Mr. Potato Head gets lost in the Dunkin' Donuts Center.
Push Nevada10 September 2002-3 October 2002: ABC will later claim that like Area 51, it's never existed.
Regular Joe28 March 2003-18 April 2003: Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand? Gonna shoot Daniel Stern, maybe he'll stop making crap.
Robbery Homicide DivisionSeptember 2002-December 2002: Let's see: voice in Vice City, this show. Yep, he was researching roles.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch7 April 1996-24 April 2003: People younger than "the teenage witch": Sarah Chalke (who plays a doctor), Liv Tyler, Jason Biggs, Sara Rue, Katie Holmes, J.L. Hewitt, Heath Ledger, Claire Daines, Pink, Julia Stiles, Beyonce Knowles, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Biel
That Was Then20 September 2002-5 October 2002: I should have never made (never made) this kind of show, because that was then, and this is dead.
The Agency27 September 2001-17 May 2003: Notice the word "talent" was missing from the title.
The Twilight Zone18 September 2002-7 May 2003: One failed movie, two failed episodic revivals. Would you please stop now.
Thirty Seconds To Fame17 July 2002-21 November 2002: And the other 21 1/2 minutes towards cancellation.
Touched by an AngelSeptember 1994-May 2003: Touched by an Angel meets the Real Life of TV - cancellation.
Watching Ellie26 February 2002-20 May 2003: Apparently no one.

Location (Tiebreaker)
James Dinan
Arlington, VA (40.2)
10-Fastlane (FOX)5-Family Affair (WB)
  9-Dinotopia (ABC)4-Hidden Hills (NBC)
  8-In Laws (NBC)3-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  7-Touched by an Angel (CBS)2-Push Nevada (ABC)
  6-Septuplets (FOX)1-Dawson's Creek (WB)
Chris Rodgers
Livonia, MI (41.2)
10-Haunted (UPN)5-John Doe (FOX)
  9-The Twilight Zone (UPN)4-What I Like About You (WB)
  8-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)3-Andy Richter Controls The Universe (FOX)
  7-Birds Of Prey (WB)2-Family Affair (WB)
  6-Do Over (WB)1-American Dreams (NBC)
Trey Morris
Lubbock, TX (38.6)
10-American Dreams (NBC)5-John Doe (FOX)
  9-Birds Of Prey (WB)4-Meet The Marks (FOX)
  8-Do Over (WB)3-Dinotopia (ABC)
  7-Hidden Hills (NBC)2-Fastlane (FOX)
  6-Greetings From Tucson (WB)1-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
Shawn De Veau
Beverly, MA (40.2)
10-Life With Bonnie (ABC)5-Do Over (WB)
  9-In Laws (NBC)4-Fastlane (FOX)
  8-MDs (ABC)3-Hack (CBS)
  7-Meet The Marks (FOX)2-Birds Of Prey (WB)
  6-Family Affair (WB)1-The Twilight Zone (UPN)
David Bykowski
College Park, MD (41.1)
10-Greetings From Tucson (WB)5-Still Standing (CBS)
  9-Hidden Hills (NBC)4-Good Morning Miami (NBC)
  8-Bram And Alice (CBS)3-Septuplets (FOX)
  7-In Laws (NBC)2-The Grubbs (FOX)
  6-Dinotopia (ABC)1-Push Nevada (ABC)
Greg Sorenson
Evanston IL (40.1)
10-Bram And Alice (CBS)5-Firefly (FOX)
  9-The Twilight Zone (UPN)4-Fastlane (FOX)
  8-Without A Trace (CBS)3-Hack (CBS)
  7-MDs (ABC)2-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (UPN)
  6-Septuplets (FOX)1-Friends (NBC)
Ryan Blay
Ann Arbor, MI (39)
10-Hidden Hills (NBC)5-Septuplets (FOX)
  9-Everwood (WB)4-What I Like About You (WB)
  8-In Laws (NBC)3-Watching Ellie (NBC)
  7-Bram And Alice (CBS)2-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
  6-Birds Of Prey (WB)1-Futurama (FOX)
Brian Hight
Plano, Texas (38.5)
10-The Bachelor (ABC)5-Fastlane (FOX)
  9-Push Nevada (ABC)4-Life With Bonnie (ABC)
  8-Thirty Seconds To Fame (FOX)3-The Grubbs (FOX)
  7-American Dreams (NBC)2-Touched by an Angel (CBS)
  6-Dinotopia (ABC)1-In Laws (NBC)
Carey Clevenger
Parkersburg, WV (37.4)
10-Hidden Hills (NBC)5-Without A Trace (CBS)
  9-Hack (CBS)4-Everwood (WB)
  8-The Grubbs (FOX)3-John Doe (FOX)
  7-girls club (FOX)2-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  6-MDs (ABC)1-Firefly (FOX)
Mike Burger
Ann Arbor, MI (40.5)
10-Push Nevada (ABC)5-The Grubbs (FOX)
  9-Friends (NBC)4-Touched by an Angel (CBS)
  8-John Doe (FOX)3-Fastlane (FOX)
  7-Meet The Marks (FOX)2-Hidden Hills (NBC)
  6-American Dreams (NBC)1-Futurama (FOX)
Josh Levit
C-town (40.0)
10-Boomtown (NBC)5-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)
  9-The Grubbs (FOX)4-Thirty Seconds To Fame (FOX)
  8-Bram And Alice (CBS)3-That Was Then (ABC)
  7-Dinotopia (ABC)2-MDs (ABC)
  6-Meet The Marks (FOX)1-girls club (FOX)
Mark Coen
Babson Park MA (40.9)
10-Meet The Marks (FOX)5-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  9-Presidio Med (CBS)4-Do Over (WB)
  8-In Laws (NBC)3-Becker (CBS)
  7-George Lopez (ABC)2-The Agency (CBS)
  6-Greetings From Tucson (WB)1-Friends (NBC)
Bonnie Newill
Livonia, MI (42)
10-Dinotopia (ABC)5-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  9-Meet The Marks (FOX)4-Family Affair (WB)
  8-Birds Of Prey (WB)3-Reba (WB)
  7-Life With Bonnie (ABC)2-Off Centre (WB)
  6-Still Standing (CBS)1-The Grubbs (FOX)
Eric Steinhauser
Friendswood, TX (38.6)
10-Fastlane (FOX)5-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  9-Meet The Marks (FOX)4-Hack (CBS)
  8-Greetings From Tucson (WB)3-MDs (ABC)
  7-Boomtown (NBC)2-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  6-Futurama (FOX)1-Friends (NBC)
Rick Terpstra
Clifton Heights, PA (40.5)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Ed (NBC)
  9-Hidden Hills (NBC)4-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  8-Dinotopia (ABC)3-That Was Then (ABC)
  7-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)2-Just Shoot Me (NBC)
  6-Good Morning Miami (NBC)1-That 70's Show (FOX)
Beth Gaughan
Sterling Heights MI (38)
10-Friends (NBC)5-The Grubbs (FOX)
  9-Life With Bonnie (ABC)4-Third Watch (NBC)
  8-MDs (ABC)3-Watching Ellie (NBC)
  7-Hidden Hills (NBC)2-Providence (NBC)
  6-Dinotopia (ABC)1-The Simpsons (FOX)
Joe Wright
limbo (41.4)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
  9-Grounded for Life (WB)4-Dinotopia (ABC)
  8-Dawson's Creek (WB)3-Sabrina the Teenage Witch (WB)
  7-George Lopez (ABC)2-Watching Ellie (NBC)
  6-Bram And Alice (CBS)1-JKX (WB)
Dwight Kidder
Bridgeville, PA (38.7)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Septuplets (FOX)
  9-Hack (CBS)4-Dinotopia (ABC)
  8-MDs (ABC)3-Do Over (WB)
  7-Life With Bonnie (ABC)2-Good Morning Miami (NBC)
  6-Bram And Alice (CBS)1-Sabrina the Teenage Witch (WB)
Average Picks (39.2)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  9-Meet The Marks (FOX)4-Hack (CBS)
  8-Life With Bonnie (ABC)3-Greetings From Tucson (WB)
  7-The Grubbs (FOX)2-Hidden Hills (NBC)
  6-Dinotopia (ABC)1-MDs (ABC)
Kevin Olmstead
Ann Arbor (39)
10-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)5-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)
  9-That Was Then (ABC)4-Hack (CBS)
  8-Robbery Homicide Division (CBS)3-Will and Grace (NBC)
  7-Push Nevada (ABC)2-Friends (NBC)
  6-Dinotopia (ABC)1-Boston Public (FOX)
Livonia, MI (33)
10-Sabrina the Teenage Witch (WB)5-24 (FOX)
  9-Andy Richter Controls The Universe (FOX)4-Boston Public (FOX)
  8-Angel (WB)3-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
  7-MDs (ABC)2-Septuplets (FOX)
  6-Friends (NBC)1-John Doe (FOX)
Dave Wallace
Livonia (40.2)
10-Greetings From Tucson (WB)5-The Grubbs (FOX)
  9-What I Like About You (WB)4-Off Centre (WB)
  8-Fastlane (FOX)3-MDs (ABC)
  7-Hack (CBS)2-Meet The Marks (FOX)
  6-Less Than Perfect (ABC)1-Good Morning Miami (NBC)
Craig Barker
Livonia, MI (39.2)
10-Friends (NBC)5-That Was Then (ABC)
  9-The Grubbs (FOX)4-Fastlane (FOX)
  8-Do Over (WB)3-Greetings From Tucson (WB)
  7-Life With Bonnie (ABC)2-Still Standing (CBS)
  6-Everwood (WB)1-Meet The Marks (FOX)
Emil T. Chuck
Durham NC (39.2)
10-The Grubbs (FOX)5-Hidden Hills (NBC)
  9-Meet The Marks (FOX)4-Still Standing (CBS)
  8-Greetings From Tucson (WB)3-Boomtown (NBC)
  7-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)2-Hack (CBS)
  6-Firefly (FOX)1-Miracles (ABC)
James Quintong
Atlanta (39.7)
10-Life With Bonnie (ABC)5-John Doe (FOX)
  9-Meet The Marks (FOX)4-Greetings From Tucson (WB)
  8-Futurama (FOX)3-The Bachelorette (ABC)
  7-Septuplets (FOX)2-Less Than Perfect (ABC)
  6-George Lopez (ABC)1-Haunted (UPN)
Ahmed Ismail
Cambridge, MA (39)
10-CSI Miami (CBS)5-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
  9-American Dreams (NBC)4-Good Morning Miami (NBC)
  8-Oliver Beene (FOX)3-Robbery Homicide Division (CBS)
  7-Haunted (UPN)2-That Was Then (ABC)
  6-Friends (NBC)1-John Doe (FOX)
Jason Weill
Pittsburgh, PA (41.5)
10-Bram And Alice (CBS)5-Haunted (UPN)
  9-The Grubbs (FOX)4-Frasier (NBC)
  8-Meet The Marks (FOX)3-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  7-Hack (CBS)2-Friends (NBC)
  6-Sabrina the Teenage Witch (WB)1-The Simpsons (FOX)
Tim Young
Washington, DC (38.9)
10-Dinotopia (ABC)5-The Grubbs (FOX)
  9-Meet The Marks (FOX)4-Hack (CBS)
  8-Bram And Alice (CBS)3-Charmed (WB)
  7-Less Than Perfect (ABC)2-Firefly (FOX)
  6-Good Morning Miami (NBC)1-Friends (NBC)
Victoria Rubin
The Edge of Reason (41.2)
10-Futurama (FOX)5-Family Affair (WB)
  9-Life With Bonnie (ABC)4-Meet The Marks (FOX)
  8-Septuplets (FOX)3-Do Over (WB)
  7-Less Than Perfect (ABC)2-Still Standing (CBS)
  6-According to Jim (ABC)1-Friends (NBC)
Walt Meier
Annapolis, MD (44.2)
10-Life With Bonnie (ABC)5-Hack (CBS)
  9-American Dreams (NBC)4-Without A Trace (CBS)
  8-Good Morning Miami (NBC)3-Presidio Med (CBS)
  7-Friends (NBC)2-In Laws (NBC)
  6-That Was Then (ABC)1-Ed (NBC)
Stan Jastrzebski
Greencastle, IN (16)
10-In Laws (NBC)5-The Grubbs (FOX)
  9-Septuplets (FOX)4-Life With Bonnie (ABC)
  8-Watching Ellie (NBC)3-Less Than Perfect (ABC)
  7-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)2-Without A Trace (CBS)
  6-Still Standing (CBS)1-What I Like About You (WB)
Josh Allen
NYC (45)
10-Good Morning Miami (NBC)5-Still Standing (CBS)
  9-Birds Of Prey (WB)4-The Grubbs (FOX)
  8-George Lopez (ABC)3-Bram And Alice (CBS)
  7-Life With Bonnie (ABC)2-Meet The Marks (FOX)
  6-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)1-What I Like About You (WB)
Kristin Hamlin
Fairfax, Virginia (38)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Less Than Perfect (ABC)
  9-Oliver Beene (FOX)4-Birds Of Prey (WB)
  8-The Grubbs (FOX)3-Meet The Marks (FOX)
  7-American Dreams (NBC)2-That Was Then (ABC)
  6-Life With Bonnie (ABC)1-What I Like About You (WB)

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