The Ted Marshall Open 2003-2004

The Allison LaPlaca Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be cancelled during the 2002-03 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each cancelled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be cancelled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the rating of Super Bowl XXXVIII (which was 41.4).

The Graveyard
10-828 September 2003-25 January 2004: A rating that was never achieved.
A Minute with Stan Hooper29 October 2003-12 December 2003: Was one minute too many.
Angel5 October 1999-2004: See The Guardian.
Becker2 November 1998-28 January 2004: I wonder what Larry King thinks is the best show on TV now?
Boston Public23 October 2000-30 January 2004: What a wicked pisser.
Coupling25 September-16 October 2003: So you buy the rights to a rip-off of your own show. And you're still the #1 network. Life just isn't fair.
Ed8 October 2000-6 February 2004: We never got to see what "Cosmic Legal Advice" would be like.
FrasierSeptember 1993-13 May 2004: This was much better than NBC's other idea, AfterLilith.
Friends22 September 1994-6 May 2004: The one with the annyoing, self-absorbed characters.
Good Morning Miami26 September 2002-18 December 2003: And good night.
Hack27 September 2002-13 March 2004: It got two seasons. That was a fare deal.
Happy Family9 September 2003-20 April 2004: Why couldn't Christine Baranski and John Laroquette reprise their more famous sitcoma personas? That would have been a good show.
I'm with Her23 September 2003-27 April 2004: This would have been a much better show had it been based on Brooke's other marriage.
It's All Relative1 October 2003-6 April 2004: Maybe if they danced around like Chicago, it would have lasted longer.
Jake 2.010 September 2003-17 December 2003: It's not a good idea to put your Nielsen rating in the title.
Karen Sisco1 October 2003-12 November 2003: Routed to cancellation.
L.A. Dragnet2 February 2003-December 2003: The story you were about to have seen has been cancelled. The names of the actors have been changed so they can get normal jobs.
Life with Bonnie17 September 2002-9 April 2004: And it's one, two, three strikes for Bonnie in the sitcom game.
Like Family19 September 2003-22 April 2004: At least Rodney still has a job.
Luis26 September-17 October 2003: La familia Nielsen no se gusta.
Married to the Kellys3 October 2003-23 April 2004: A couple more like this and it will soon be "The Brecken Meyer Open"
Miss Match26 September 2003-15 December 2003: Which was worse, a lime green jacket with brown plaid pants, or Alicia Silverstone on TV?
Rock Me Baby16 September 2003-4 May 2004: Rock Me Baby on the treetop, you were so bad even UPN said stop!
Run of the House11 September 2003-28 May 2004: Quick, get Joey Lawrence another show before he sings again.
Skin20 October-3 November 2003: Her father is mulling a career change!
Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital3 March-15 July 2004: Apparently, Mr. King is not taking a shining to make a stand to save it.
Tarzan19 September-December 2003: Me Tarzan. Whoops, scratch that. Me unemployed.
The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.24 September-22 October 2003: The wrong Penn, the wrong Cusack, the wrong Quaid -- it's an episode of Lifestyles of the Relatives of the Rich and Famous
The Guardian25 September 2001-4 May 2004: See Angel.
The Handler26 September 2003-30 January 2004: The hat, however, got a new series with a 13 episode commitment.
The Lyons Den28 September 2003-30 November 2003: An hour-long drama about a idealistic lawyer. How original.
The Mullets11 September 2003-17 March 2004: It was business at the upfront when the party was sent out the back.
The Parkers30 August 1999-10 May 2004: This is the second longest running sitcom in UPN history, losing only to Moesha.
The Practice4 March 1997-16 May 2004: Unless James Spader's new show is named "Perfect", the adage is apparently not true.
Threat Matrix18 Sep 2003-29 January 2004: ABC actually has a new threat matrix every year. It's their primetime grid.
Wanda at Large23 March-7 November 2003: She is considered armed and unfunny.
Whoopi9 September 2003-20 April 2004: It's a new TV world when this was a comedown from Hollywood Squares.

Location (Tiebreaker)
David Bykowski
Columbia, SC (41.1)
10-Friends (NBC)5-The Practice (ABC)
  9-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)4-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
  8-Skin (FOX)3-L.A. Dragnet (ABC)
  7-Tarzan (WB)2-Whoopi (NBC)
  6-The Mullets (UPN)1-Boston Public (FOX)
Mark Coen
Babson Park MA (40.4)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  9-Married to the Kellys (ABC)4-It's All Relative (ABC)
  8-Whoopi (NBC)3-Frasier (NBC)
  7-I'm with Her (ABC)2-Becker (CBS)
  6-Rock Me Baby (UPN)1-Karen Sisco (ABC)
Steven Bevier
East Lansing, MI (38.6)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Las Vegas (NBC)
  9-Frasier (NBC)4-Ed (NBC)
  8-Whoopi (NBC)3-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
  7-Threat Matrix (ABC)2-Skin (FOX)
  6-Rock Me Baby (UPN)1-It's All Relative (ABC)
Beth Gaughan
Beech Grove Indiana (35)
10-Whoopi (NBC)5-The Handler (CBS)
  9-It's All Relative (ABC)4-The Practice (ABC)
  8-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)3-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  7-Threat Matrix (ABC)2-The Mullets (UPN)
  6-The Ortegas (FOX)1-Friends (NBC)
Ahmed Ismail
Building 66 (42.0)
10-Friends (NBC)5-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  9-Las Vegas (NBC)4-Luis (FOX)
  8-Whoopi (NBC)3-The Handler (CBS)
  7-Run of the House (WB)2-I'm with Her (ABC)
  6-Jake 2.0 (UPN)1-It's All Relative (ABC)
Amanda Hartman
Greencastle, IN (41.2)
10-Two and One Half Men (CBS)5-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  9-Tarzan (WB)4-The Mullets (UPN)
  8-Whoopi (NBC)3-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
  7-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)2-Skin (FOX)
  6-Jake 2.0 (UPN)1-The Lyons Den (NBC)
Greg Sorenson
Evanston, IL (40.1)
10-Friends (NBC)5-10-8 (ABC)
  9-Whoopi (NBC)4-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
  8-Married to the Kellys (ABC)3-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  7-Frasier (NBC)2-Like Family (WB)
  6-Tarzan (WB)1-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
Tim Young
Washington, DC (38.5)
10-Friends (NBC)5-The Practice (ABC)
  9-Whoopi (NBC)4-Tru Calling (FOX)
  8-Good Morning Miami (NBC)3-Miss Match (NBC)
  7-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)2-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
  6-Boston Public (FOX)1-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
Emil T. Chuck
Durham NC (41.3)
10-Jake 2.0 (UPN)5-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  9-Friends (NBC)4-Arrested Development (FOX)
  8-The Mullets (UPN)3-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  7-Happy Family (NBC)2-The Handler (CBS)
  6-I'm with Her (ABC)1-Boston Public (FOX)
Andrew Ibendahl
Nashville, IL (no, not in tennessee) (38.8)
10-Whoopi (NBC)5-Luis (FOX)
  9-The Mullets (UPN)4-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  8-Happy Family (NBC)3-Eve (UPN)
  7-Jake 2.0 (UPN)2-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-Hack (CBS)
Dwight Kidder
Bridgeville, PA (37.4)
10-Friends (NBC)5-The Practice (ABC)
  9-Whoopi (NBC)4-Miss Match (NBC)
  8-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)3-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
  7-The Mullets (UPN)2-Luis (FOX)
  6-Karen Sisco (ABC)1-Tru Calling (FOX)
Michael Philpy
Ann Arbor, MI (32.3)
10-It's All Relative (ABC)5-Friends (NBC)
  9-Married to the Kellys (ABC)4-Becker (CBS)
  8-Two and One Half Men (CBS)3-Happy Family (NBC)
  7-The Practice (ABC)2-Navy NCIS (CBS)
  6-Skin (FOX)1-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
Kevin Olmstead
Ann Arbor, MI (30)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Happy Family (NBC)
  9-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)4-Frasier (NBC)
  8-Karen Sisco (ABC)3-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
  7-The O.C. (FOX)2-Skin (FOX)
  6-Whoopi (NBC)1-Threat Matrix (ABC)
Mike Burger
Ann Arbor, MI (40.5)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Becker (CBS)
  9-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)4-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
  8-Frasier (NBC)3-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  7-Whoopi (NBC)2-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  6-The Practice (ABC)1-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
Craig D. Barker
Livonia, MI (40.0)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Skin (FOX)
  9-Frasier (NBC)4-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  8-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)3-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  7-Rock Me Baby (UPN)2-The Practice (ABC)
  6-Luis (FOX)1-L.A. Dragnet (ABC)
James Dinan
Arlington, VA (41.1)
10-Friends (NBC)5-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  9-Frasier (NBC)4-Tru Calling (FOX)
  8-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)3-Miss Match (NBC)
  7-Threat Matrix (ABC)2-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  6-Whoopi (NBC)1-Happy Family (NBC)
Roger Bixley
New Jersey, USA (38)
10-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)5-The Practice (ABC)
  9-Luis (FOX)4-I'm with Her (ABC)
  8-Run of the House (WB)3-The Mullets (UPN)
  7-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)2-Las Vegas (NBC)
  6-The Lyons Den (NBC)1-L.A. Dragnet (ABC)
Bill Vandermark
Pittsburgh, Pa. (23)
10-Tarzan (WB)5-The Mullets (UPN)
  9-Two and One Half Men (CBS)4-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  8-I'm with Her (ABC)3-Hope and Faith (ABC)
  7-The Guardian (CBS)2-The Handler (CBS)
  6-Whoopi (NBC)1-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
Gordon Berman
Ithaca, NY (30)
10-Two and One Half Men (CBS)5-Luis (FOX)
  9-Friends (NBC)4-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  8-I'm with Her (ABC)3-One Tree Hill (WB)
  7-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)2-Good Morning Miami (NBC)
  6-Miss Match (NBC)1-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)
Walt Meier
Boulder, CO (41.2)
10-Frasier (NBC)5-Whoopi (NBC)
  9-Friends (NBC)4-I'm with Her (ABC)
  8-Las Vegas (NBC)3-Skin (FOX)
  7-Karen Sisco (ABC)2-10-8 (ABC)
  6-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)1-Ed (NBC)
Boston, MA (40.1)
10-Frasier (NBC)5-Whoopi (NBC)
  9-Friends (NBC)4-Tarzan (WB)
  8-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)3-The Mullets (UPN)
  7-Tru Calling (FOX)2-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
  6-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)1-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
Kenny Peskin
Arlington, VA (40.1)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  9-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)4-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  8-Frasier (NBC)3-I'm with Her (ABC)
  7-The Ortegas (FOX)2-The Mullets (UPN)
  6-Luis (FOX)1-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
IL (40.4)
10-Karen Sisco (ABC)5-Miss Match (NBC)
  9-Hack (CBS)4-Boston Public (FOX)
  8-The Lyons Den (NBC)3-One Tree Hill (WB)
  7-Arrested Development (FOX)2-Las Vegas (NBC)
  6-10-8 (ABC)1-Skin (FOX)
Colby Burnett
Chicago, IL (43)
10-Whoopi (NBC)5-The Parkers (UPN)
  9-Friends (NBC)4-Eve (UPN)
  8-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)3-Coupling (NBC)
  7-Tru Calling (FOX)2-It's All Relative (ABC)
  6-Married to the Kellys (ABC)1-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  9-Whoopi (NBC)4-The Mullets (UPN)
  8-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)3-It's All Relative (ABC)
  7-Threat Matrix (ABC)2-Frasier (NBC)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
Dave Wallace
Livonia (40.9)
10-It's All Relative (ABC)5-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  9-The Practice (ABC)4-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
  8-Tru Calling (FOX)3-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  7-The Handler (CBS)2-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)
  6-Frasier (NBC)1-Friends (NBC)
Toni Stewart
OK (40.5)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Tarzan (WB)
  9-Scrubs (NBC)4-10-8 (ABC)
  8-Married to the Kellys (ABC)3-Extreme Makeover (ABC)
  7-It's All Relative (ABC)2-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  6-Whoopi (NBC)1-All About the Andersons (WB)
Brian Hight
Bonham, TX (41.3)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
  9-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)4-Whoopi (NBC)
  8-Miss Match (NBC)3-The Mullets (UPN)
  7-Boston Public (FOX)2-Ed (NBC)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-Extreme Makeover (ABC)
Chicago! (40)
10-Good Morning Miami (NBC)5-Extreme Makeover (ABC)
  9-It's All Relative (ABC)4-All About the Andersons (WB)
  8-Hope and Faith (ABC)3-Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital (ABC)
  7-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)2-Hack (CBS)
  6-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)1-Friends (NBC)
Kristin Hamlin
Baltimore, MD (23)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Tru Calling (FOX)
  9-Whoopi (NBC)4-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
  8-Las Vegas (NBC)3-Miss Match (NBC)
  7-Karen Sisco (ABC)2-L.A. Dragnet (ABC)
  6-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)1-The Practice (ABC)
New Orleans (41.0)
10-The Mullets (UPN)5-Ed (NBC)
  9-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)4-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  8-Run of the House (WB)3-Good Morning Miami (NBC)
  7-Tru Calling (FOX)2-One Tree Hill (WB)
  6-Threat Matrix (ABC)1-Skin (FOX)
Brian Derr
Brooklyn, NY (27)
10-It's All Relative (ABC)5-Half and Half (UPN)
  9-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)4-The Practice (ABC)
  8-Threat Matrix (ABC)3-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  7-Arrested Development (FOX)2-Tarzan (WB)
  6-The Ortegas (FOX)1-Whoopi (NBC)
10-The Practice (ABC)5-Happy Family (NBC)
  9-Tarzan (WB)4-Judging Amy (CBS)
  8-Two and One Half Men (CBS)3-The Mullets (UPN)
  7-Everwood (WB)2-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  6-Whoopi (NBC)1-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
James Quintong
Atlanta (38)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  9-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)4-The Mullets (UPN)
  8-The Practice (ABC)3-L.A. Dragnet (ABC)
  7-Tru Calling (FOX)2-Boston Public (FOX)
  6-Jake 2.0 (UPN)1-Threat Matrix (ABC)
Columbia SC/Livonia MI (41.2)
10-I'm with Her (ABC)5-It's All Relative (ABC)
  9-Threat Matrix (ABC)4-The Handler (CBS)
  8-Cold Case (CBS)3-Tru Calling (FOX)
  7-Rock Me Baby (UPN)2-Las Vegas (NBC)
  6-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)1-The Ortegas (FOX)
Stan Jastrzebski
Elgin, IL (43)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Coupling (NBC)
  9-The Mullets (UPN)4-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  8-One Tree Hill (WB)3-All About the Andersons (WB)
  7-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)2-Steve Harvey's Big Time (WB)
  6-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)1-Run of the House (WB)
Brick Barrientos
Germantown, MD (41.4)
10-Run of the House (WB)5-Steve Harvey's Big Time (WB)
  9-Rock Me Baby (UPN)4-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
  8-Threat Matrix (ABC)3-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)
  7-Las Vegas (NBC)2-Happy Family (NBC)
  6-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)1-Tru Calling (FOX)
Alexis Mansfield
Here (41)
10-Tru Calling (FOX)5-It's All Relative (ABC)
  9-Jake 2.0 (UPN)4-Wanda at Large (FOX)
  8-Coupling (NBC)3-Hope and Faith (ABC)
  7-The Mullets (UPN)2-The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  6-Two and One Half Men (CBS)1-Friends (NBC)
Dave Thorsley
North America (40.7)
10-Threat Matrix (ABC)5-Rock Me Baby (UPN)
  9-Luis (FOX)4-Tru Calling (FOX)
  8-Las Vegas (NBC)3-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)
  7-Arrested Development (FOX)2-Life with Bonnie (ABC)
  6-The Ortegas (FOX)1-Friends (NBC)
Livonia, MI (42.3)
10-The Ortegas (FOX)5-Tru Calling (FOX)
  9-Skin (FOX)4-Miss Match (NBC)
  8-Arrested Development (FOX)3-Steve Harvey's Big Time (WB)
  7-Rock Me Baby (UPN)2-Married to the Kellys (ABC)
  6-Karen Sisco (ABC)1-Tarzan (WB)
Eric Bell
Oklahoma City OK (39.5)
10-Arrested Development (FOX)5-Happy Family (NBC)
  9-Two and One Half Men (CBS)4-It's All Relative (ABC)
  8-Skin (FOX)3-Angel (WB)
  7-Las Vegas (NBC)2-Friends (NBC)
  6-Whoopi (NBC)1-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
Trey Morris
Temple, TX (41.2)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  9-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)4-The Ortegas (FOX)
  8-It's All Relative (ABC)3-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
  7-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)2-Steve Harvey's Big Time (WB)
  6-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)1-Reba (WB)
Jessie Connolly
Columbia, SC (42)
10-Friends (NBC)5-Tru Calling (FOX)
  9-Tarzan (WB)4-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)
  8-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)3-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  7-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)2-Eve (UPN)
  6-Arrested Development (FOX)1-Happy Family (NBC)
Emily Moore
the back bedroom (40.7)
10-The Ortegas (FOX)5-Luis (FOX)
  9-Skin (FOX)4-Wanda at Large (FOX)
  8-Arrested Development (FOX)3-Boston Public (FOX)
  7-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)2-Oliver Beene (FOX)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-That 70's Show (FOX)
Nate Meyvis
New Haven, CT (34.1)
10-Half and Half (UPN)5-One Tree Hill (WB)
  9-Las Vegas (NBC)4-Jake 2.0 (UPN)
  8-Two and One Half Men (CBS)3-10-8 (ABC)
  7-The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (CBS)2-Hack (CBS)
  6-One on One (UPN)1-A Minute with Stan Hooper (ABC)
Joe Wright
Los Angeles, CA (42.2)
10-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)5-That 70's Show (FOX)
  9-Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX)4-Threat Matrix (ABC)
  8-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)3-Luis (FOX)
  7-The Ortegas (FOX)2-Boston Public (FOX)
  6-The Mullets (UPN)1-Friends (NBC)
Josh Allen
New York City (40.1)
10-The Ortegas (FOX)5-Coupling (NBC)
  9-L.A. Dragnet (ABC)4-Without a Trace (CBS)
  8-The Handler (CBS)3-Karen Sisco (ABC)
  7-The O.C. (FOX)2-Two and One Half Men (CBS)
  6-Arrested Development (FOX)1-The Simpsons (FOX)

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