The Ted Marshall Open 2004-2005

The Alison LaPlaca Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be cancelled during the 2004-2005 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each cancelled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be cancelled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the rating of Super Bowl XXXIX (which was 41.1).

The Graveyard
American Dreams29 September 2002-30 March 2005: Just waiting in a few years for the show based on The $10,000 Pyramid, with Amanda Bynes playing Jo Anne Worley.
Center of the Universe27 October 2004-19 January 2005: See Father of the Pride.
Clubhouse26 September-8 November 2004: Placed on irrevocable waivers for the purposes of granting an unconditional release.
Complete Savages24 September 2004-24 June 2004: Fans dismayed when neither of the Savages were named Fred or Ben.
Committed4 January-15 March 2005: Apparently, not NBC.
Drew Carey's Green Screen7 October-4 November 2004: Improvise your own epitath here.
dr. vegas24 September-29 October 2005: dr. vegas, dr. vegas. dr. vegas, dr. vegas. Oh, dr. vegas. Help me dr. vegas!
Eight Simple Rules17 September 2002-15 April 2005: They should have looked to 60 Minutes for advice. They've been getting great ratings with corpses for years.
Everybody Loves Raymond13 September 1996-16 May 2005: If Ray Romano hadn't lost his job on Newsradio, he'd be hosting Fear Factor.
Father of the Pride31 August-28 December 2004: See Center of the Universe.
Grounded for Life10 January 2001-28 January 2005: Fun fact -- Donal Logue went to Harvard. Harvard.
Hawaii1 September-6 October 2004: Good. This frees up Ivan Sergei for 10.52, or 110.25.
Jack and Bobby12 September 2004-11 May 2005: As much as everybody thinks this was a left-wing show, think about it. The kid was going to be a Republican, and the loony character was a drug-addled lefty college professor.
JAG23 September 1995-29 April 2005: Get off the ledge, Craig. Everything will be OK.
Joan of Arcadia26 September 2003-22 April 2005: There is a God.
Jonny Zero14 January-4 March 2005: Again, FOX names a show that says the rating. If you want better ratings, revive 21 or totally go impossible and revive 240-Robert.
Judging Amy19 September 1999-3 May 2005: Who knew it was still on?
Kevin Hill29 September 2004-18 May 2005: We'll never see the terrible twos.
LAX13 September-17 November 2004: I was at LAX for 11 hours once and spent less than $20. NBC was at LAX for 10 hours and probably spent more than $20.
life as we know it7 October 2004-10 January 2005: Life is short.
Listen Up20 September-25 April 2005: What did we do wrong, Stat Boy? You went on the air, that's what you did wrong.
Medical Investigation10 September 2004-25 March 2005: The original title of the show was going to be The Cure. I would watch a show about brooding 80's rockers turned doctors.
Method and Red16 June-15 September 2004: This budding show was smoked out bluntly well before it could get to 420 episodes.
North Shore14 June 2004-13 Jan 2005: Back to the dog pound for Brooke Burns.
NYPD Blue21 September 1993-1 March 2005: They finally cancelled Dennis Franz' ass.
Quintuplets16 June 2004-12 January 2005: Andy, when 2009 rolls around, please consider partnering up again.
Revelations13 April-18 May 2005: Left behind.
Second Time Around20 September 2004-20 Jaunary 2005: No thanks, I'm full.
StarTrek: Enterprise26 September 2001-13 May 2005: In space, no one can hear you suck.
Studio722 July-2 September 2004: Help Me!
Summerland1 June 2004-5 July 2005: <EWF>It's like a kick in the crotch when I start to watch the WB's Summerland</EWF>.
The Bad Girls Guide24 May-5 July 2005: The guy wants talented actresses, so all untalented ones have to leave. You too, Jenny.
The Mountain22 September 2004-2 January 2005: Shaun Cassidy gave up Cold Case for this?
The Sketch Show13 March-3 April 2005: Mary Lynn Rajskub should probably stick to unintentional comedy.
Third Watch23 September 1999-29 April 2005: Actually, according to Nielsen it was more like Eleventh Watch
Tru Calling30 October 2003-21 April 2005: Between Eliza Dusku, Zach Galifanakis and Benjamin Benitez, it probably had the highest Scrabble&tm; scoring cast in history.

Location (Tiebreaker)
James Dinan
Arlington, VA (42.0)
10-Studio7 (WB)5-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  9-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)4-Father of the Pride (NBC)
  8-NYPD Blue (ABC)3-Tru Calling (FOX)
  7-Method and Red (FOX)2-dr. vegas (CBS)
  6-life as we know it (ABC)1-North Shore (FOX)
Eric Bell
Oklahoma (43)
10-North Shore (FOX)5-Medical Investigation (NBC)
  9-Father of the Pride (NBC)4-dr. vegas (CBS)
  8-NYPD Blue (ABC)3-life as we know it (ABC)
  7-Center of the Universe (CBS)2-Hawaii (NBC)
  6-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)1-Joan of Arcadia (CBS)
Mark Coen
Beverly, MA (43.5)
10-Center of the Universe (CBS)5-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)
  9-Quintuplets (FOX)4-dr. vegas (CBS)
  8-Hawaii (NBC)3-Complete Savages (ABC)
  7-Method and Red (FOX)2-LAX (NBC)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
Samer Ismail
Connecticut (43.0)
10-Studio7 (WB)5-life as we know it (ABC)
  9-Father of the Pride (NBC)4-Complete Savages (ABC)
  8-dr. vegas (CBS)3-Tru Calling (FOX)
  7-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)2-The Mountain (WB)
  6-Blue Collar TV (WB)1-Quintuplets (FOX)
Earth (50)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-life as we know it (ABC)
  9-Jonny Zero (FOX)4-Complete Savages (ABC)
  8-North Shore (FOX)3-dr. vegas (CBS)
  7-Listen Up (CBS)2-Jack and Bobby (WB)
  6-Clubhouse (CBS)1-Second Time Around (UPN)
David Bykowski
Columbia, SC (40.9)
10-NYPD Blue (ABC)5-life as we know it (ABC)
  9-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)4-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  8-Studio7 (WB)3-Kevin Hill (UPN)
  7-Lost (ABC)2-Listen Up (CBS)
  6-Quintuplets (FOX)1-Joey (NBC)
Marc Dworkin
New York, NY (42.4)
10-The Office (NBC)5-life as we know it (ABC)
  9-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)4-Medical Investigation (NBC)
  8-Father of the Pride (NBC)3-Hawaii (NBC)
  7-The Sketch Show (FOX)2-Veronica Mars (UPN)
  6-Father of the Pride (NBC)1-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
Livonia, MI (44)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-Summerland (WB)
  9-Rodney (ABC)4-Second Time Around (UPN)
  8-Quintuplets (FOX)3-Veronica Mars (UPN)
  7-Jonny Zero (FOX)2-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  6-Grounded for Life (WB)1-life as we know it (ABC)
Ahmed Ismail
Building 66 (42)
10-NYPD Blue (ABC)5-Commando Nanny (WB)
  9-life as we know it (ABC)4-Complete Savages (ABC)
  8-Rodney (ABC)3-dr. vegas (CBS)
  7-LAX (NBC)2-Listen Up (CBS)
  6-Jack and Bobby (WB)1-Medical Investigation (NBC)
Greg Sorenson
Evanston IL (42.1)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-life as we know it (ABC)
  9-NYPD Blue (ABC)4-Medical Investigation (NBC)
  8-Studio7 (WB)3-Complete Savages (ABC)
  7-Commando Nanny (WB)2-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  6-Blue Collar TV (WB)1-Father of the Pride (NBC)
Shawn De Veau
Boston, MA (40.4)
10-Commando Nanny (WB)5-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  9-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)4-Boston Legal (ABC)
  8-NYPD Blue (ABC)3-The Mountain (WB)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-Complete Savages (ABC)
  6-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)1-Center of the Universe (CBS)
Thomas Chuck
Durham, North Carolina (40.2)
10-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)5-Method and Red (FOX)
  9-Jonny Zero (FOX)4-Eve (UPN)
  8-Quintuplets (FOX)3-Malcom in the Middle (FOX)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
  6-Listen Up (CBS)1-House (FOX)
Gordon Berman
Ithaca, NY (29)
10-Jonny Zero (FOX)5-Clubhouse (CBS)
  9-LAX (NBC)4-House (FOX)
  8-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)3-Rodney (ABC)
  7-Clubhouse (CBS)2-Lost (ABC)
  6-life as we know it (ABC)1-Complete Savages (ABC)
Phil Castagna
Philadelphia, PA (34.8)
10-Commando Nanny (WB)5-Complete Savages (ABC)
  9-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)4-Medical Investigation (NBC)
  8-Third Watch (NBC)3-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-Yes Dear (CBS)
  6-Father of the Pride (NBC)1-Alias (ABC)
Brick Barrientos
Germantown, MD (41.7)
10-Jonny Zero (FOX)5-Untitled Jenna Elfman Project (CBS)
  9-Revelations (NBC)4-North Shore (FOX)
  8-Lost (ABC)3-Hawaii (NBC)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-StarTrek: Enterprise (UPN)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-Charmed (WB)
Tim Young
Arlington, VA (39.8)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-Grounded for Life (WB)
  9-NYPD Blue (ABC)4-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  8-Crossing Jordan (NBC)3-Father of the Pride (NBC)
  7-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)2-Commando Nanny (WB)
  6-Tru Calling (FOX)1-North Shore (FOX)
Dashiell Cropeg
Washington, DC (41.9)
10-dr. vegas (CBS)5-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  9-Clubhouse (CBS)4-life as we know it (ABC)
  8-Hawaii (NBC)3-The Sketch Show (FOX)
  7-Veronica Mars (UPN)2-The Inside (FOX)
  6-Boston Legal (ABC)1-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
Carey Clevenger
Parkersburg, WV (42.1)
10-Joey (NBC)5-Listen Up (CBS)
  9-Father of the Pride (NBC)4-Rodney (ABC)
  8-Clubhouse (CBS)3-House (FOX)
  7-Method and Red (FOX)2-life as we know it (ABC)
  6-Medical Investigation (NBC)1-Complete Savages (ABC)
Kenny Peskin
Washington, DC (40.1)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-The Sketch Show (FOX)
  9-Father of the Pride (NBC)4-Lost (ABC)
  8-Hawaii (NBC)3-Rodney (ABC)
  7-Revelations (NBC)2-The Mountain (WB)
  6-Listen Up (CBS)1-Jonny Zero (FOX)
James Quintong
Atlanta (44)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  9-The Mens' Room (NBC)4-life as we know it (ABC)
  8-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)3-Lost (ABC)
  7-Complete Savages (ABC)2-Studio7 (WB)
  6-Commando Nanny (WB)1-Center of the Universe (CBS)
Tyler Johnson
Bryan, TX (41.0)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-Method and Red (FOX)
  9-Commando Nanny (WB)4-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  8-Veronica Mars (UPN)3-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-House (FOX)
  6-Quintuplets (FOX)1-Revelations (NBC)
Dwight Kidder
Bridgeville, PA (40.7)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)
  9-House (FOX)4-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  8-Desperate Housewives (ABC)3-life as we know it (ABC)
  7-LAX (NBC)2-Boston Legal (ABC)
  6-Complete Savages (ABC)1-Center of the Universe (CBS)
Dave Wallace
Livonia (40.2)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-Jack and Bobby (WB)
  9-Desperate Housewives (ABC)4-Quintuplets (FOX)
  8-Lost (ABC)3-Medical Investigation (NBC)
  7-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)2-Commando Nanny (WB)
  6-life as we know it (ABC)1-NYPD Blue (ABC)
Michael Philpy
Washington, DC (39.5)
10-Lost (ABC)5-Judging Amy (CBS)
  9-Desperate Housewives (ABC)4-Committed (NBC)
  8-Method and Red (FOX)3-Father of the Pride (NBC)
  7-North Shore (FOX)2-Studio7 (WB)
  6-NYPD Blue (ABC)1-That 70's Show (FOX)
Walt Meier
Boulder, CO (38.7)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-LAX (NBC)
  9-NYPD Blue (ABC)4-Listen Up (CBS)
  8-Quintuplets (FOX)3-House (FOX)
  7-Rodney (ABC)2-Hawaii (NBC)
  6-Complete Savages (ABC)1-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
Bill Vandermark
Pittsburgh, Pa. (40.2)
10-LAX (NBC)5-Rodney (ABC)
  9-Veronica Mars (UPN)4-Clubhouse (CBS)
  8-dr. vegas (CBS)3-Listen Up (CBS)
  7-Commando Nanny (WB)2-Complete Savages (ABC)
  6-Jack and Bobby (WB)1-North Shore (FOX)
Brian Hight
North Central Texas (42.3)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-Jonny Zero (FOX)
  9-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)4-Studio7 (WB)
  8-Rodney (ABC)3-Kevin Hill (UPN)
  7-Boston Legal (ABC)2-Listen Up (CBS)
  6-The West Wing (NBC)1-dr. vegas (CBS)
Colby Burnett
Evanston, IL (39)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-Kevin Hill (UPN)
  9-Rodney (ABC)4-Method and Red (FOX)
  8-Second Time Around (UPN)3-Complete Savages (ABC)
  7-Clubhouse (CBS)2-Commando Nanny (WB)
  6-Quintuplets (FOX)1-Jack and Bobby (WB)
Chris Rodgers
Columbia SC (35.5)
10-Rodney (ABC)5-North Shore (FOX)
  9-Lost (ABC)4-life as we know it (ABC)
  8-Listen Up (CBS)3-Complete Savages (ABC)
  7-Clubhouse (CBS)2-Commando Nanny (WB)
  6-dr. vegas (CBS)1-The Sketch Show (FOX)
IL (44)
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Quintuplets (FOX)
  9-Jack and Bobby (WB)4-Kevin Hill (UPN)
  8-North Shore (FOX)3-life as we know it (ABC)
  7-House (FOX)2-dr. vegas (CBS)
  6-Veronica Mars (UPN)1-Medical Investigation (NBC)
Stan Jastrzebski
Midwest? (41.8)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  9-Listen Up (CBS)4-The Mountain (WB)
  8-Lost (ABC)3-Complete Savages (ABC)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-Clubhouse (CBS)
  6-Boston Legal (ABC)1-Kevin Hill (UPN)
Amanda Hartman
Greencastle (41.2)
10-Commando Nanny (WB)5-Quintuplets (FOX)
  9-dr. vegas (CBS)4-Veronica Mars (UPN)
  8-Studio7 (WB)3-Second Time Around (UPN)
  7-life as we know it (ABC)2-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  6-The Mountain (WB)1-Jake in Progress (ABC)
Ryan Blay
Chicago, IL (43)
10-Center of the Universe (CBS)5-House (FOX)
  9-Jake in Progress (ABC)4-Rodney (ABC)
  8-Clubhouse (CBS)3-Quintuplets (FOX)
  7-Jonny Zero (FOX)2-Tru Calling (FOX)
  6-Complete Savages (ABC)1-Joey (NBC)
Kristin Hamlin (Sausville by the end of the season!)
Baltimore, Maryland (31)
10-Quintuplets (FOX)5-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  9-Father of the Pride (NBC)4-Lost (ABC)
  8-Veronica Mars (UPN)3-life as we know it (ABC)
  7-Clubhouse (CBS)2-Jack and Bobby (WB)
  6-Rodney (ABC)1-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Kevin Olmstead
Ann Arbor (40)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-LAX (NBC)
  9-Lost (ABC)4-Tru Calling (FOX)
  8-life as we know it (ABC)3-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  7-Studio7 (WB)2-Veronica Mars (UPN)
  6-Blue Collar TV (WB)1-Jonny Zero (FOX)
Jessie Connolly
Irmo, SC (78)
10-NYPD Blue (ABC)5-Rodney (ABC)
  9-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)4-Father of the Pride (NBC)
  8-Joey (NBC)3-LAX (NBC)
  7-dr. vegas (CBS)2-Clubhouse (CBS)
  6-Desperate Housewives (ABC)1-Veronica Mars (UPN)
Delano Barnes
Lenexa, KS (43.8)
10-NYPD Blue (ABC)5-Lost (ABC)
  9-Method and Red (FOX)4-The Bad Girls Guide (UPN)
  8-Commando Nanny (WB)3-Clubhouse (CBS)
  7-Rodney (ABC)2-Father of the Pride (NBC)
  6-The Sketch Show (FOX)1-Medium (NBC)
Anytown, USA (41)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  9-life as we know it (ABC)4-Lost (ABC)
  8-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)3-NYPD Blue (ABC)
  7-Rodney (ABC)2-Quintuplets (FOX)
  6-Commando Nanny (WB)1-dr. vegas (CBS)
Alexis Mansfield
Midwest (40.9)
10-Veronica Mars (UPN)5-Quintuplets (FOX)
  9-Clubhouse (CBS)4-Alias (ABC)
  8-Father of the Pride (NBC)3-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)
  7-Rodney (ABC)2-Tru Calling (FOX)
  6-life as we know it (ABC)1-That 70's Show (FOX)
Tim Woodward
Salem, NH (41.2)
10-Rodney (ABC)5-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  9-Clubhouse (CBS)4-Lost (ABC)
  8-American Dreams (NBC)3-Arrested Development (FOX)
  7-Boston Legal (ABC)2-Listen Up (CBS)
  6-Method and Red (FOX)1-Father of the Pride (NBC)
Noel Erinjeri
Flint, MI (40.5)
10-Rodney (ABC)5-dr. vegas (CBS)
  9-Hawaii (NBC)4-Jake in Progress (ABC)
  8-Rodney (ABC)3-The Sketch Show (FOX)
  7-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)2-The Office (NBC)
  6-Complete Savages (ABC)1-life as we know it (ABC)
minneapolis (42)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-Jake in Progress (ABC)
  9-Hawaii (NBC)4-Complete Savages (ABC)
  8-dr. vegas (CBS)3-Boston Legal (ABC)
  7-Blue Collar TV (WB)2-Jack and Bobby (WB)
  6-The Sketch Show (FOX)1-North Shore (FOX)
Mike Burger
Ann Arbor, MI (41.5)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-Commando Nanny (WB)
  9-Studio7 (WB)4-Grounded for Life (WB)
  8-Yes Dear (CBS)3-Father of the Pride (NBC)
  7-Rodney (ABC)2-Medical Investigation (NBC)
  6-Lost (ABC)1-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)
Kevin Philpy
Baltimore, MD (38.9)
10-That 70's Show (FOX)5-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  9-Lost (ABC)4-Commando Nanny (WB)
  8-Tru Calling (FOX)3-House (FOX)
  7-dr. vegas (CBS)2-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)
  6-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)1-Jack and Bobby (WB)
10-Father of the Pride (NBC)5-Jake in Progress (ABC)
  9-Kevin Hill (UPN)4-The Sketch Show (FOX)
  8-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)3-Untitled Jenna Elfman Project (CBS)
  7-Jonny Zero (FOX)2-Athens (FOX)
  6-Commando Nanny (WB)1-Joey (NBC)
Chapel Hill (41.2)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-Center of the Universe (CBS)
  9-Seventh Heaven (WB)4-Quintuplets (FOX)
  8-LAX (NBC)3-Commando Nanny (WB)
  7-Listen Up (CBS)2-Hope and Faith (ABC)
  6-Navy NCIS (CBS)1-Rodney (ABC)
Joe Wirzburger
Medford, NJ (42.1)
10-Desperate Housewives (ABC)5-The Office (NBC)
  9-Quintuplets (FOX)4-life as we know it (ABC)
  8-Listen Up (CBS)3-Commando Nanny (WB)
  7-Father of the Pride (NBC)2-Complete Savages (ABC)
  6-Lost (ABC)1-Las Vegas (NBC)
Rob Hoffmann
Richmond, VA (39.5)
10-House (FOX)5-ER (NBC)
  9-Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB)4-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  8-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)3-Jack and Bobby (WB)
  7-Commando Nanny (WB)2-Lost (ABC)
  6-dr. vegas (CBS)1-StarTrek: Enterprise (UPN)
Michael Adelman
New York (39.8)
10-The Mens' Room (NBC)5-Quintuplets (FOX)
  9-Commando Nanny (WB)4-Veronica Mars (UPN)
  8-Third Watch (NBC)3-LAX (NBC)
  7-Eight Simple Rules (ABC)2-Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
  6-ER (NBC)1-Jonny Zero (FOX)
Craig D. Barker
Livonia, MI (40.5)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-The Bernie Mac Show (FOX)
  9-NYPD Blue (ABC)4-The Office (NBC)
  8-Lost (ABC)3-Tru Calling (FOX)
  7-Yes Dear (CBS)2-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
  6-Eve (UPN)1-StarTrek: Enterprise (UPN)
Chris Rosenberg
Voorhees, New Jersey (36.1)
10-Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)5-House (FOX)
  9-Desperate Housewives (ABC)4-Jake in Progress (ABC)
  8-Commando Nanny (WB)3-Tru Calling (FOX)
  7-Listen Up (CBS)2-Complete Savages (ABC)
  6-Rodney (ABC)1-Arrested Development (FOX)

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