The Ted Marshall Open 2005-2006

The Alison LaPlaca Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be cancelled during the 2005-2006 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each cancelled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be cancelled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the rating of Super Bowl XL (which was 41.6).

The Graveyard
Alias30 September 2001-22 May 2006: If you've never seen the parody where Columbo joins Alias, you're missing comedy gold.
Arrested Development1 November 2003-10 February 2006: Fortunately, I can still get a 96 ounce drink at Fat Ammy's to inhale while reading Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.
Bernie Mac1 November 2001-14 April 2006: He may have looked old and slow, but the milestone (100 episodes for syndication) was reached.
Blue Collar TV29 July 2004-16 October 2005: If you can get 34 episodes out of the same joke, you just might be a redneck.
Charmed7 October 1998-21 May 2006: Perchance Piper, Phoebe and Paige are picking plausible potential pilot projects?
Commander in Chief27 September 2005-14 June 2006: At least she was the first president to catch the ceremonial first pitch. And with her bare hand, too.
Cuts1 February 2005-11 May 2006: The first cut may be the deepest, but there was nothing deep here to cut.
Emily's Reasons Why Not22 January-22 January 2006: The funniest thing ever associated with this show was the Keith Jackson promo.
E-Ring21 September 2005-1 February 2006: Replace the hyphen with an 'r'. Much better title.
Freddie12 October 2005-30 May 2006: At least Madchen Amick has previous experience as a waitress.
Head Cases14 September-21 September 2005: Better call Batman.
Hope and Faith26 September 2003-2 May 2006: Could Kelly Ripa be, gasp, underemployed?
Hot Properties7 October-23 December 2005: The bubble burst.
Inconceivable23 September-30 September 2005: They just couldn't get anybody up for it.
Invasion21 September 2005-17 May 2006: This may have not have been the best year for a hurricane-themed show.
Jake In Progress13 March 2005-9 January 2006: You get your wish, Amanda.
Joey9 September 2004-7 March 2006: Still waiting for AfterChandler.
Just Legal19 September-3 October 2005: Justly cancelled.
Killer Instinct23 September-2 December 2005: The only killer instinct is the 9 PM Friday FOX slot. Bring back Greed!
Kitchen Confidential19 September-5 December 2005: John Frances Daley -- 20 years old -- 3 series -- 41 episodes. Keep your eye on him for next year.
Living With Fran8 April 2005-24 March 2006: Please explain to me how Fran Drescher gets any work. I don't care how talented at comedy she is, her voice is a penalty error.
Love, Inc.22 September 2005-20 April 2006: Bankrupt.
Malcolm in the Middle9 January 2000-14 May 2006: Network TV is unfair.
Modern Men17 March-28 April 2006: Forget the Seinfeld Curse. The Cheers curse seems to be much worse.
Monday Night Football21 September 1970-26 December 2005: Does this mean that Doris Day is coming back to Monday nights?
Out Of Practice19 September 2005-29 March 2006: Ms. Tilly, you of all people should know when to fold them.
Pepper Dennis4 April-23 May 2006: Technically, another Stamos goes down.
Related5 October 2005-20 March 2006: At least they found Dana Delaney.
Reunion8 September-17 November 2005: Viewers just couldn't get Gonzo over this show.
Rodney21 September 2004-18 July 2006: I'm tellin' ya, this show got no respect at all.
Sex, Love and Secrets27 September-18 October 2005: Well, at least Denise can get 50% of Two and a Half Men.
South Beach11 January-22 February 2006: Much like the diet, it left you wanting more.
Stacked13 April 2005-11 January 2006: As a cheap parting shot, FOX had the wrap party catered by KFC.
Surface19 September 2005-6 February 2006: Insert your own tension joke here.
That '70s Show23 August 1998-18 May 2006: Contrary to popular belief, the number in the title did not refer to any of the cast member's IQs.
The Bedford Diaries22 March 2006-10 May 2006: Having Matthew Modine play a professor must have been some kind of Private Joke[r].
The Night Stalker29 September-10 November 2005: If only they had brought back Darren McGavin. As Richie's father.
The West Wing22 September 1999-14 May 2006: The 22nd Admendment Strikes Again.
Three Wishes23 September-9 December 2005: Oh baby, baby.
Threshold16 September-22 November 2005: Its ratings Data sunk like a Roc.
Twins16 September 2005-3 March 2006: Middle age has made Mark Linn-Baker quite Balki.
Will and Grace21 September 1998-18 May 2006: What will Emmy voters who never watch television pick now?
Yes, Dear2 October 2000-15 February 2006: How could this piece of garbage have 69 more episodes than Arrested Development? I can't Figure It Out.

Location (Tiebreaker)
James Dinan
Atlanta, GA (41.5)
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-That '70s Show (FOX)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)
  8-Reunion (FOX)3-Killer Instinct (FOX)
  7-Inconceivable (NBC)2-Twins (WB)
  6-The Night Stalker (ABC)1-Bernie Mac (FOX)
Kevin Olmstead
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Three Wishes (NBC)
  9-The Night Stalker (ABC)4-Head Cases (FOX)
  8-Invasion (ABC)3-Related (WB)
  7-Charmed (WB)2-Inconceivable (NBC)
  6-E-Ring (NBC)1-Reunion (FOX)
Mark Coen
Hi. (40.7)
10-Will and Grace (NBC)5-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  9-Monday Night Football (ABC)4-Related (WB)
  8-Inconceivable (NBC)3-Threshold (CBS)
  7-Rodney (ABC)2-Surface (NBC)
  6-Hot Properties (ABC)1-Out Of Practice (CBS)
Brian Hight
Brookfield, WI (43.2)
10-Commander in Chief (ABC)5-Hope and Faith (ABC)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)
  8-Surface (NBC)3-Three Wishes (NBC)
  7-Stacked (FOX)2-Out Of Practice (CBS)
  6-That '70s Show (FOX)1-Monday Night Football (ABC)
Chris Rosenberg
Nowhere to go but up from last year's last place. Unless there's more players this year. (40.5)
10-That '70s Show (FOX)5-Head Cases (FOX)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  8-Commander in Chief (ABC)3-Charmed (WB)
  7-Surface (NBC)2-Freddie (ABC)
  6-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)1-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
10-Out Of Practice (CBS)5-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  9-Hot Properties (ABC)4-Joey (NBC)
  8-Just Legal (WB)3-Killer Instinct (FOX)
  7-Commander in Chief (ABC)2-Stacked (FOX)
  6-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)1-Emily's Reasons Why Not (ABC)
Tyler Johnson
10-Love, Inc. (UPN)5-Just Legal (WB)
  9-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)4-Freddie (ABC)
  8-Killer Instinct (FOX)3-Related (WB)
  7-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)2-Jake In Progress (ABC)
  6-Stacked (FOX)1-Yes, Dear (CBS)
Matt Zick
10-My Name Is Earl (NBC)5-Out Of Practice (CBS)
  9-Invasion (ABC)4-Hot Properties (ABC)
  8-Surface (NBC)3-Twins (WB)
  7-Freddie (ABC)2-Alias (ABC)
  6-E-Ring (NBC)1-Living With Fran (WB)
Rob Long
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Surface (NBC)
  9-That '70s Show (FOX)4-Threshold (CBS)
  8-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)3-Deal or No Deal (NBC)
  7-E-Ring (NBC)2-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)
  6-Inconceivable (NBC)1-Prison Break (FOX)
Phil Castagna
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Head Cases (FOX)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-Hot Properties (ABC)
  8-Yes, Dear (CBS)3-Scrubs (NBC)
  7-Inconceivable (NBC)2-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)
  6-Freddie (ABC)1-Veronica Mars (UPN)
Jack Brounstein
My location is Boston, MA, if you wondered. Also, thank you for doing this. (42.1)
10-Will and Grace (NBC)5-Reunion (FOX)
  9-The West Wing (NBC)4-Hot Properties (ABC)
  8-Surface (NBC)3-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  7-Commander in Chief (ABC)2-Bones (FOX)
  6-Arrested Development (FOX)1-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)
Greg Sorenson
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-Bernie Mac (FOX)
  8-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)3-Charmed (WB)
  7-King of the Hill (FOX)2-WWE Smackdown (UPN)
  6-Head Cases (FOX)1-That '70s Show (FOX)
Mitchell Szczepanczyk
James Dinan gave me some pointers for my entry... (43.1)
10-Love, Inc. (UPN)5-Related (WB)
  9-The Night Stalker (ABC)4-Invasion (ABC)
  8-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)3-Living With Fran (WB)
  7-My Name Is Earl (NBC)2-Prison Break (FOX)
  6-Twins (WB)1-Hot Properties (ABC)
Kevin Philpy
10-Will and Grace (NBC)5-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  9-That '70s Show (FOX)4-Related (WB)
  8-Monday Night Football (ABC)3-Inconceivable (NBC)
  7-Criminal Minds (CBS)2-Prison Break (FOX)
  6-Stacked (FOX)1-Reunion (FOX)
Josh Guers
10-The Night Stalker (ABC)5-Out Of Practice (CBS)
  9-Cuts (UPN)4-Surface (NBC)
  8-Hot Properties (ABC)3-Freddie (ABC)
  7-The War at Home (FOX)2-Bones (FOX)
  6-Just Legal (WB)1-That '70s Show (FOX)
Eric Bell
10-Commander in Chief (ABC)5-Inconceivable (NBC)
  9-Surface (NBC)4-Criminal Minds (CBS)
  8-The Night Stalker (ABC)3-Hot Properties (ABC)
  7-Invasion (ABC)2-Reunion (FOX)
  6-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)1-Three Wishes (NBC)
Tom Haddad
10-Surface (NBC)5-Commander in Chief (ABC)
  9-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)4-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)
  8-Hot Properties (ABC)3-Twins (WB)
  7-Out Of Practice (CBS)2-Invasion (ABC)
  6-Three Wishes (NBC)1-Prison Break (FOX)
James Quintong
10-WWE Smackdown (UPN)5-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)
  9-Bernie Mac (FOX)4-That '70s Show (FOX)
  8-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)3-Love, Inc. (UPN)
  7-The West Wing (NBC)2-Inconceivable (NBC)
  6-Twins (WB)1-Scrubs (NBC)
Dwight Kidder
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Hot Properties (ABC)
  9-Freddie (ABC)4-The War at Home (FOX)
  8-Inconceivable (NBC)3-Surface (NBC)
  7-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)2-Threshold (CBS)
  6-Stacked (FOX)1-Out Of Practice (CBS)
Bill Vandermark
10-Surface (NBC)5-Threshold (CBS)
  9-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)4-Living With Fran (WB)
  8-Prison Break (FOX)3-E-Ring (NBC)
  7-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)2-Freddie (ABC)
  6-The War at Home (FOX)1-The Night Stalker (ABC)
Michael Philpy
10-Wife Swap (ABC)5-Invasion (ABC)
  9-The West Wing (NBC)4-Hot Properties (ABC)
  8-Surface (NBC)3-That '70s Show (FOX)
  7-Commander in Chief (ABC)2-Stacked (FOX)
  6-Prison Break (FOX)1-Killer Instinct (FOX)
10-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)5-Stacked (FOX)
  9-Prison Break (FOX)4-E-Ring (NBC)
  8-Bones (FOX)3-Cuts (UPN)
  7-Freddie (ABC)2-Three Wishes (NBC)
  6-Yes, Dear (CBS)1-Twins (WB)
Jason Keller
10-That '70s Show (FOX)5-Twins (WB)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-Jake In Progress (ABC)
  8-Commander in Chief (ABC)3-Joey (NBC)
  7-My Name Is Earl (NBC)2-Deal or No Deal (NBC)
  6-Monday Night Football (ABC)1-Seventh Heaven (WB)
Joe Kavanagh
Fun Game! (42)
10-Just Legal (WB)5-Head Cases (FOX)
  9-Out Of Practice (CBS)4-Invasion (ABC)
  8-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)3-Will and Grace (NBC)
  7-Supernatural (WB)2-Reunion (FOX)
  6-Criminal Minds (CBS)1-New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
Bill Tway
10-Emily's Reasons Why Not (ABC)5-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  9-Commander in Chief (ABC)4-Twins (WB)
  8-Out Of Practice (CBS)3-The War at Home (FOX)
  7-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)2-Charmed (WB)
  6-Yes, Dear (CBS)1-E-Ring (NBC)
Nicholas Mooneyhan
I hope I know what I'm doing! :-) (33.0)
10-Surface (NBC)5-Head Cases (FOX)
  9-Las Vegas (NBC)4-E-Ring (NBC)
  8-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)3-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  7-Freddie (ABC)2-Reunion (FOX)
  6-Criminal Minds (CBS)1-Supernanny (ABC)
David Jacobson
10-Out Of Practice (CBS)5-Freddie (ABC)
  9-The War at Home (FOX)4-E-Ring (NBC)
  8-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)3-Related (WB)
  7-Surface (NBC)2-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
  6-My Name Is Earl (NBC)1-Modern Men (WB)
Bob Mackey
10-Head Cases (FOX)5-The War at Home (FOX)
  9-Reunion (FOX)4-Close To Home (CBS)
  8-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)3-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)
  7-Killer Instinct (FOX)2-Related (WB)
  6-Freddie (ABC)1-Surface (NBC)
Top 10
10-Surface (NBC)5-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  9-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)4-Commander in Chief (ABC)
  8-That '70s Show (FOX)3-Hot Properties (ABC)
  7-My Name Is Earl (NBC)2-Freddie (ABC)
  6-Monday Night Football (ABC)1-The War at Home (FOX)
Dave Wallace
10-Blue Collar TV (WB)5-Rodney (ABC)
  9-The War at Home (FOX)4-Criminal Minds (CBS)
  8-Surface (NBC)3-Freddie (ABC)
  7-Commander in Chief (ABC)2-Head Cases (FOX)
  6-Close To Home (CBS)1-Inconceivable (NBC)
Ahmed Ismail
The choices just keep getting more and more craptastic every year! (40.0)
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  9-My Name Is Earl (NBC)4-Inconceivable (NBC)
  8-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)3-Related (WB)
  7-Killer Instinct (FOX)2-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  6-The War at Home (FOX)1-Just Legal (WB)
10-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)5-Will and Grace (NBC)
  9-Head Cases (FOX)4-Thick And Thin (NBC)
  8-Love, Inc. (UPN)3-Hot Properties (ABC)
  7-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)2-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)
  6-Inconceivable (NBC)1-Monday Night Football (ABC)
Mike Klauss
10-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)5-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)
  9-My Name Is Earl (NBC)4-Stacked (FOX)
  8-Living With Fran (WB)3-Arrested Development (FOX)
  7-Love, Inc. (UPN)2-Freddie (ABC)
  6-The War at Home (FOX)1-That '70s Show (FOX)
Mike Burger
Bring back Sheriff Lobo! (41.5)
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Reunion (FOX)
  9-Will and Grace (NBC)4-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  8-That '70s Show (FOX)3-Close To Home (CBS)
  7-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)2-Smallville (WB)
  6-Inconceivable (NBC)1-Deal or No Deal (NBC)
Craig D. Barker
Are you sure this isn't calculus, because a lot of this seems derivative. (41.5)
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Commander in Chief (ABC)
  9-That '70s Show (FOX)4-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  8-The War at Home (FOX)3-Criminal Minds (CBS)
  7-Reunion (FOX)2-Prison Break (FOX)
  6-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)1-Threshold (CBS)
David Bykowski
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  9-Invasion (ABC)4-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  8-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)3-Malcolm in the Middle (FOX)
  7-My Name Is Earl (NBC)2-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
  6-Hot Properties (ABC)1-That '70s Show (FOX)
doug eastick
whahoo! (14)
10-The Office (NBC)5-Living With Fran (WB)
  9-Commander in Chief (ABC)4-Numb3rs (CBS)
  8-The Night Stalker (ABC)3-Will and Grace (NBC)
  7-Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy (FOX)2-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  6-The Bedford Diaries (WB)1-Inconceivable (NBC)
hi Mike! one thing we both have in common: rooting for .500 teams. yeeeeeeeeeah. (33)
10-Joey (NBC)5-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  9-American Dad (FOX)4-The Office (NBC)
  8-Rodney (ABC)3-E-Ring (NBC)
  7-Surface (NBC)2-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  6-The War at Home (FOX)1-Three Wishes (NBC)
Christopher Knight
10-Greys Anatomy (ABC)5-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  9-Surface (NBC)4-E-Ring (NBC)
  8-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)3-That '70s Show (FOX)
  7-Out Of Practice (CBS)2-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
  6-Commander in Chief (ABC)1-Hot Properties (ABC)
Charlie Pevey
10-Living With Fran (WB)5-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
  9-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)4-Hot Properties (ABC)
  8-Numb3rs (CBS)3-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  7-Head Cases (FOX)2-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)
  6-E-Ring (NBC)1-Just Legal (WB)
Stan Jastrzebski
Indianapolis, IN (41.3)
10-My Name Is Earl (NBC)5-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
  9-The War at Home (FOX)4-Pepper Dennis (WB)
  8-Freddie (ABC)3-Invasion (ABC)
  7-That '70s Show (FOX)2-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  6-Related (WB)1-Out Of Practice (CBS)
Anthony Bush
First timer, please be gentle. (40.1)
10-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)5-Reunion (FOX)
  9-Scrubs (NBC)4-That '70s Show (FOX)
  8-E-Ring (NBC)3-The War at Home (FOX)
  7-Prison Break (FOX)2-Freddie (ABC)
  6-Charmed (WB)1-Love, Inc. (UPN)
Amanda Hartman
Stamos has to go down this year... he has to *shakes fist* Stamos... (42)
10-American Dad (FOX)5-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  9-Numb3rs (CBS)4-Jake In Progress (ABC)
  8-Love, Inc. (UPN)3-South Beach (UPN)
  7-Prison Break (FOX)2-Twins (WB)
  6-That '70s Show (FOX)1-Monday Night Football (ABC)
stinkers!!! ()
10-Surface (NBC)5-Supernatural (WB)
  9-All Of Us (UPN)4-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)
  8-Just Legal (WB)3-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  7-Surface (NBC)2-Criminal Minds (CBS)
  6-Commander in Chief (ABC)1-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
Myron M. Meyer
10-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)5-Rodney (ABC)
  9-Fear Factor (NBC)4-Veronica Mars (UPN)
  8-Hot Properties (ABC)3-King of the Hill (FOX)
  7-That '70s Show (FOX)2-American Dad (FOX)
  6-My Name Is Earl (NBC)1-Twins (WB)
Tim Woodward
10-Out Of Practice (CBS)5-E-Ring (NBC)
  9-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)4-The Night Stalker (ABC)
  8-Surface (NBC)3-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  7-Close To Home (CBS)2-Commander in Chief (ABC)
  6-Bones (FOX)1-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
I don't know nothing about watching no TV. (39.2)
10-Surface (NBC)5-Threshold (CBS)
  9-Boston Legal (ABC)4-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  8-Just Legal (WB)3-Killer Instinct (FOX)
  7-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)2-Three Wishes (NBC)
  6-Numb3rs (CBS)1-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
seth thrasher
10-The War at Home (FOX)5-That '70s Show (FOX)
  9-Love, Inc. (UPN)4-Will and Grace (NBC)
  8-Inconceivable (NBC)3-The Office (NBC)
  7-Supernanny (ABC)2-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  6-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)1-Jake In Progress (ABC)
Andy Saunders
10-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)5-Kitchen Confidential (FOX)
  9-Twins (WB)4-Out Of Practice (CBS)
  8-Criminal Minds (CBS)3-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
  7-Invasion (ABC)2-Bones (FOX)
  6-My Name Is Earl (NBC)1-Sex, Love and Secrets (UPN)
Maybe I'll have more luck with this than if I did a pick 10 in Keno :-p (40.70)
10-Monday Night Football (ABC)5-Everybody Hates Chris (UPN)
  9-Invasion (ABC)4-House (FOX)
  8-The Night Stalker (ABC)3-My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  7-Prison Break (FOX)2-24 (FOX)
  6-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)1-ER (NBC)

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