The Ted Marshall Open 2006-2007

The Alison LaPlaca Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be cancelled during the 2006-2007 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each cancelled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be cancelled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the rating of Super Bowl XLI (which was 42.6).

The Graveyard
3 Lbs.14-28 November 2006: Stanley Tucci now on sale for £1/show.
All of Us16 September 2003-14 May 2007: Once a year, I know nothing about a show and can't think of anything even remotely witty. This would be now.
Big Day28 November 2006-30 January 2007: It is proper etiquette to return shower gifts within three weeks of cancellation of the wedding.
Close To Home4 October 2005-11 May 2007: Falzone ruins another series.
Crossing Jordan24 September 2001-16 May 2007: It's easy -- it stopped raining.
Day Break15 November-13 December 2006: Ever imagined waking up day after day and seeing Groundhog Day?
Gilmore Girls5 October 2000-15 May 2007: Just like their long lost cousin Gary Gilmore, they have been put out of their misery.
Happy Hour7 September-2 November 2006: You have to be really bad if 'Til Death is the better half of the hour.
Help Me Help You26 September-12 December 2006: We only need one more show for the Jere Burns in a group session trifecta.
Hidden Palms30 May-4 July 2007: Burned off so fast the fire department couldn't even respond.
Justice30 August-22 December 2006: Something from Jerry Bruckheimer blew up. What are the odds of that?
Kidnapped20 September-28 October 2006: If You ever Want tO see this sHow agAIn...
King of Queens21 September 1998-14 May 2007: And we now never have to see fat guys in short brown shorts again on network TV.
Nanny 9113 November 2004-23 February 2007: It's fallen, and it can't get up.
Reba5 October 2001-18 February 2007: No longer a survivor.
Runaway25 September-15 October 2006: Hiding in Iowa does not allow you to run away from your New Kids past.
Seventh Heaven26 September 1996-13 May 2007: I thought the resurrection was supposed to last 1,000 years.
Six Degrees21 September 2006-30 March 2007: Let's see--Hope Davis was in Deadline, which was canned after 12 episodes with Bebe Neuwirth, who was in L&O: Trial By Jury, which was canned after 13 episodes with Amy Carlson, who was in Falcone, which was canned after 8 episodes with Eric Roberts, who was in C-16: FBI, which was canned after 13 episodes with Glenn Morshower, who was in The River Wild with Kevin Bacon.
Smith19 September-3 October 2006: Still no sign of Behrooz.
Standoff5 September 2006-20 July 2007: If the producers had turned in their TPS reports, the show would have not been cancelled.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip18 September 2006-28 June 2007: Should have spent more time on that Juliette Lewis impression.
The Class18 September 2006-5 March 2007: Has been dismissed.
The George Lopez Show27 March 2002-8 May 2007: The Bob Hope celebrity golf tournament is now headlined by George Lopez. I have nothing else to say.
The Knights of Prosperity3 January-8 August 2007: I can't wait for Donal Logue to rip this show a new one on I Love the 00s
The Loop15 March 2006-1 July 2007: This one apparently isn't endless.
The Nine4 October 2006-8 August 2007: ...viewers will really miss this one.
The O.C.3 August 2003-22 February 2007: Welcome to the unemployment line, bitch.
The War at Home11 September 2005-22 April 2007: FOX is no longer Rappaport.
The Wedding Bells7 March-6 April 2007: And it tolls for thee.
Trading Spouses20 July 2004-3 May 2007: I bet somebody $1 this show wouldn't get a fourth year.
Twenty Good Years11 October 2006-1 November 2006: Fortunately, the sets did not have to be taken down since John Lithgow ate them all.
Vanished21 August-10 November 2006: Watch out, L.A. drivers, Rebecca Gayheart now has free time.
Vernoica Mars22 September 2004-22 May 2007: No more clouds to watch.
What About Brian4 April 2006-26 March 2007: I would insert a Monty Python joke here, but I'm not a geek.

Location (Tiebreaker)
Tyler Johnson
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Justice (FOX)
  9-What About Brian (ABC)4-Vanished (FOX)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Kidnapped (NBC)
  7-Help Me Help You (ABC)2-Standoff (FOX)
  6-Runaway (WB)1-The War at Home (FOX)
Jeff Field
I don't see the point of midseason replacements, but here goes anyway. (40.7)
10-Gilmore Girls (WB)5-Help Me Help You (ABC)
  9-Twenty Good Years (NBC)4-The War at Home (FOX)
  8-The O.C. (FOX)3-The Loop (FOX)
  7-Men in Trees (ABC)2-According to Jim (ABC)
  6-Happy Hour (FOX)1-The George Lopez Show (ABC)
Anthony Bush
Where are all the Black Donnellys? (41.1)
10-Vanished (FOX)5-Men in Trees (ABC)
  9-Runaway (WB)4-King of Queens (CBS)
  8-Standoff (FOX)3-Happy Hour (FOX)
  7-Kidnapped (NBC)2-Help Me Help You (ABC)
  6-Jericho (CBS)1-Gilmore Girls (WB)
Joseph Coughlin
10-Big Day (ABC)5-What About Brian (ABC)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-Standoff (FOX)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-Day Break (ABC)
  7-Twenty Good Years (NBC)2-Jericho (CBS)
  6-Help Me Help You (ABC)1-Justice (FOX)
Rob Long
Dinan's streak must end!!! (43.5)
10-Justice (FOX)5-Happy Hour (FOX)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-The Wedding Bells (FOX)
  8-Smith (CBS)3-Waterfront (CBS)
  7-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)2-Standoff (FOX)
  6-What About Brian (ABC)1-Help Me Help You (ABC)
Thanks to JQ for letting me know about The LaPlaca Open. I'm very excited to be a part of this! (44.2)
10-What About Brian (ABC)5-Runaway (WB)
  9-Kidnapped (NBC)4-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-The O.C. (FOX)
  7-The Singles Table (NBC)2-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-The War at Home (FOX)
I still don't understand why they took a small but good network in the WB with a steaming pile of s*** to create the CW. (40.8)
10-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)5-Happy Hour (FOX)
  9-Help Me Help You (ABC)4-Vanished (FOX)
  8-The Class (CBS)3-Reba (WB)
  7-Shark (CBS)2-The George Lopez Show (ABC)
  6-Til Death (FOX)1-King of Queens (CBS)
Andy Saunders
To answer the question "When will Andy Saunders actually win the LaPlaca", the answer is "How about never? Is never any good for you?" (43.0)
10-King of Queens (CBS)5-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)
  9-The O.C. (FOX)4-The Class (CBS)
  8-Six Degrees (ABC)3-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  7-Jericho (CBS)2-Happy Hour (FOX)
  6-Vanished (FOX)1-Set For Life (ABC)
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  9-Jericho (CBS)4-The War at Home (FOX)
  8-Justice (FOX)3-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  7-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)2-Six Degrees (ABC)
  6-Help Me Help You (ABC)1-Men in Trees (ABC)
Mike Klauss
It's more difficult this year, with two crappy networks consolidated into one super-crappy network. (42.4)
10-Ugly Betty (ABC)5-The Nine (ABC)
  9-Help Me Help You (ABC)4-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  8-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)3-Til Death (FOX)
  7-Happy Hour (FOX)2-The Class (CBS)
  6-Smith (CBS)1-Law and Order (NBC)
James Quintong
10-King of Queens (CBS)5-Vanished (FOX)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-Men in Trees (ABC)
  8-What About Brian (ABC)3-Heroes (NBC)
  7-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)2-Runaway (WB)
  6-Help Me Help You (ABC)1-Gilmore Girls (WB)
Dave Walls I have a freaking clue! (46.9)
10-The Class (CBS)5-Runaway (WB)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-Men in Trees (ABC)
  8-Jericho (CBS)3-Standoff (FOX)
  7-What About Brian (ABC)2-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  6-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)1-Smith (CBS)
Mark Coen
Not having UPN makes this much harder. Damn you, CW! (41.8)
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Justice (FOX)
  9-The Class (CBS)4-According to Jim (ABC)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  7-What About Brian (ABC)2-Help Me Help You (ABC)
  6-King of Queens (CBS)1-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
Dwight Kidder
10-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)5-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  9-Vanished (FOX)4-The Class (CBS)
  8-Seventh Heaven (WB)3-Men in Trees (ABC)
  7-Help Me Help You (ABC)2-Set For Life (ABC)
  6-Happy Hour (FOX)1-Day Break (ABC)
Timothy Sternberg
10-Seventh Heaven (WB)5-Jericho (CBS)
  9-Smith (CBS)4-Close To Home (CBS)
  8-Numb3rs (CBS)3-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  7-Standoff (FOX)2-What About Brian (ABC)
  6-Gilmore Girls (WB)1-The Nine (ABC)
Josh Guers
Joker!... Joker!!... and The CW (39.9)
10-What About Brian (ABC)5-Smith (CBS)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-The Game (WB)
  8-Kidnapped (NBC)3-According to Jim (ABC)
  7-Happy Hour (FOX)2-The War at Home (FOX)
  6-The Class (CBS)1-Seventh Heaven (WB)
Jason Wuthrich
I could score 255 on first-year shows alone! (41.8)
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-The O.C. (FOX)
  9-Six Degrees (ABC)4-The War at Home (FOX)
  8-Jericho (CBS)3-According to Jim (ABC)
  7-King of Queens (CBS)2-What About Brian (ABC)
  6-Friday Night Lights (NBC)1-Hidden Palms (WB)
Eddie Turner
10-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)5-The Nine (ABC)
  9-The Loop (FOX)4-Vanished (FOX)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-What About Brian (ABC)
  7-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)2-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  6-Kidnapped (NBC)1-King of Queens (CBS)
Jim Sirianni
10-Ugly Betty (ABC)5-Smith (CBS)
  9-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)3-Six Degrees (ABC)
  7-Justice (FOX)2-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
Ed Dravecky
Pardon me while I pre-damn FOX for their inevitable stupidity. (28.3)
10-Justice (FOX)5-Til Death (FOX)
  9-Twenty Good Years (NBC)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-Help Me Help You (ABC)3-Smith (CBS)
  7-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)2-What About Brian (ABC)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-The Class (CBS)
Robert Ray
10-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)5-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  9-The Class (CBS)4-The Game (WB)
  8-Vanished (FOX)3-What About Brian (ABC)
  7-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)2-Kidnapped (NBC)
  6-Standoff (FOX)1-The War at Home (FOX)
Chris Lambert
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-What About Brian (ABC)
  9-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)4-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  8-Set For Life (ABC)3-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)
  7-Reba (WB)2-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  6-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)1-King of Queens (CBS)
Seth Thrasher
10-Scrubs (NBC)5-What About Brian (ABC)
  9-The George Lopez Show (ABC)4-Nanny 911 (FOX)
  8-Nobody's Watching (NBC)3-30 Rock (NBC)
  7-Reba (WB)2-Happy Hour (FOX)
  6-Seventh Heaven (WB)1-Smith (CBS)
Kurt Stefan
First Timer (41.2)
10-What About Brian (ABC)5-Til Death (FOX)
  9-Ugly Betty (ABC)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Runaway (WB)
  7-Smith (CBS)2-Kidnapped (NBC)
  6-The Wedding Bells (FOX)1-Hidden Palms (WB)
M-D November
I get a strange feeling this season is going to be a bloodbath. (39)
10-Help Me Help You (ABC)5-Justice (FOX)
  9-Smith (CBS)4-Jericho (CBS)
  8-The Class (CBS)3-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  7-What About Brian (ABC)2-Shark (CBS)
  6-Vanished (FOX)1-Men in Trees (ABC)
Michael Davies
Elderly people don't like to watch TV shows whose titles predict the time their elderly protagonists will die. (32.8)
10-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)5-Kidnapped (NBC)
  9-Twenty Good Years (NBC)4-Til Death (FOX)
  8-Hidden Palms (WB)3-Justice (FOX)
  7-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)2-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  6-Day Break (ABC)1-The Singles Table (NBC)
Nicholas Mooneyhan
I'll do better than last year :-P (37.5)
10-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)5-Shark (CBS)
  9-The Class (CBS)4-Big Day (ABC)
  8-Smith (CBS)3-Jericho (CBS)
  7-Kidnapped (NBC)2-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  6-The Game (WB)1-Seventh Heaven (WB)
Rob Williams
10-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)5-30 Rock (NBC)
  9-Smith (CBS)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-Vanished (FOX)3-Men in Trees (ABC)
  7-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)2-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  6-Help Me Help You (ABC)1-Six Degrees (ABC)
Joe Van Ginkel
10-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)5-30 Rock (NBC)
  9-Six Degrees (ABC)4-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-Jericho (CBS)
  7-Happy Hour (FOX)2-Help Me Help You (ABC)
  6-Big Day (ABC)1-Law and Order (NBC)
10-Standoff (FOX)5-What About Brian (ABC)
  9-The Class (CBS)4-Smith (CBS)
  8-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)3-Men in Trees (ABC)
  7-Big Day (ABC)2-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  6-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)1-Happy Hour (FOX)
Bill Vandermark
10-Crossing Jordan (NBC)5-Happy Hour (FOX)
  9-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)4-Standoff (FOX)
  8-Smith (CBS)3-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  7-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)2-The Nine (ABC)
  6-Heroes (NBC)1-Men in Trees (ABC)
Furd Burfel
10-Vanished (FOX)5-Help Me Help You (ABC)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-Big Day (ABC)
  8-Ugly Betty (ABC)3-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  7-King of Queens (CBS)2-Jericho (CBS)
  6-Medium (NBC)1-The Nine (ABC)
Eric Sieg
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-The Nine (ABC)
  9-Smallville (WB)4-Trading Spouses (FOX)
  8-Six Degrees (ABC)3-Shark (CBS)
  7-Justice (FOX)2-30 Rock (NBC)
  6-Wife Swap (ABC)1-Kidnapped (NBC)
Tom Haddad
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Heroes (NBC)
  9-Help Me Help You (ABC)4-The War at Home (FOX)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Vanished (FOX)
  7-Six Degrees (ABC)2-What About Brian (ABC)
  6-Til Death (FOX)1-Heroes (NBC)
10-Ugly Betty (ABC)5-Standoff (FOX)
  9-Gilmore Girls (WB)4-According to Jim (ABC)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-Smith (CBS)
  7-ER (NBC)2-Justice (FOX)
  6-The War at Home (FOX)1-Shark (CBS)
Mike Burger
Not enough colons (41)
10-King of Queens (CBS)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-Runaway (WB)4-Men in Trees (ABC)
  8-Help Me Help You (ABC)3-Standoff (FOX)
  7-Jericho (CBS)2-Big Day (ABC)
  6-30 Rock (NBC)1-What About Brian (ABC)
Michael Philpy
10-Til Death (FOX)5-King of the Hill (FOX)
  9-Twenty Good Years (NBC)4-The Class (CBS)
  8-King of Queens (CBS)3-The Nine (ABC)
  7-Friday Night Lights (NBC)2-Close To Home (CBS)
  6-Gilmore Girls (WB)1-Prison Break (FOX)
David Bykowski
What am I going to do this year without having UPN to make fun of? (41.1)
10-Men in Trees (ABC)5-Las Vegas (NBC)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-What About Brian (ABC)
  8-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)3-The George Lopez Show (ABC)
  7-Twenty Good Years (NBC)2-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  6-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)1-Reba (WB)
Jason Keller
Oh dear. So much to choose from. (40.8)
10-According to Jim (ABC)5-Smith (CBS)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-Til Death (FOX)
  8-What About Brian (ABC)3-Reba (WB)
  7-Men in Trees (ABC)2-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  6-King of Queens (CBS)1-Seventh Heaven (WB)
Roy Currlin
10-Vanished (FOX)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)4-Big Day (ABC)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-Jericho (CBS)
  7-Six Degrees (ABC)2-Kidnapped (NBC)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-Smith (CBS)
Kenny Peskin
10-Reba (WB)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-Standoff (FOX)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-Big Day (ABC)
  7-Jericho (CBS)2-The Singles Table (NBC)
  6-Vanished (FOX)1-Day Break (ABC)
Rodney Ho
10-Jericho (CBS)5-Kidnapped (NBC)
  9-Reba (WB)4-Vernoica Mars (WB)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Runaway (WB)
  7-Happy Hour (FOX)2-The War at Home (FOX)
  6-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)1-According to Jim (ABC)
James Dinan
Getting tougher every year! (41.1)
10-What About Brian (ABC)5-Happy Hour (FOX)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-King of Queens (CBS)
  8-Friday Night Lights (NBC)3-King of the Hill (FOX)
  7-Big Day (ABC)2-Vanished (FOX)
  6-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)1-Reba (WB)
Mark Richey
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-According to Jim (ABC)
  8-Jericho (CBS)3-What About Brian (ABC)
  7-Big Day (ABC)2-Reba (WB)
  6-Twenty Good Years (NBC)1-Seventh Heaven (WB)
Chris Rosenberg
When's Ted McGinley's comeback? (40.7)
10-King of the Hill (FOX)5-The Nine (ABC)
  9-The War at Home (FOX)4-Gilmore Girls (WB)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  7-Crossing Jordan (NBC)2-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  6-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)1-Help Me Help You (ABC)
I wrote this song in '94... (40.3)
10-The Game (WB)5-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
  9-All of Us (WB)4-According to Jim (ABC)
  8-Seventh Heaven (WB)3-The George Lopez Show (ABC)
  7-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)2-King of Queens (CBS)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-Reba (WB)
Boston,MA (41.2)
10-The War at Home (FOX)5-King of Queens (CBS)
  9-Jericho (CBS)4-According to Jim (ABC)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-Happy Hour (FOX)
  7-Ugly Betty (ABC)2-Standoff (FOX)
  6-Twenty Good Years (NBC)1-Day Break (ABC)
David Wallace
10-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)5-What About Brian (ABC)
  9-The Game (WB)4-Jericho (CBS)
  8-The Class (CBS)3-Happy Hour (FOX)
  7-Heroes (NBC)2-Smith (CBS)
  6-The Nine (ABC)1-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)
Kevin Bell
10-Nobody's Watching (NBC)5-Runaway (WB)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-Vanished (FOX)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-What About Brian (ABC)
  7-Supernatural (WB)2-Justice (FOX)
  6-Twenty Good Years (NBC)1-Six Degrees (ABC)
Cristina Paulsen
This is my first year in the open and hopefully my first win! (40.7)
10-The Class (CBS)5-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  9-Big Day (ABC)4-Til Death (FOX)
  8-Twenty Good Years (NBC)3-Vanished (FOX)
  7-What About Brian (ABC)2-Shark (CBS)
  6-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)1-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)
Kevin Philpy
10-The O.C. (FOX)5-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  9-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)4-What About Brian (ABC)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-ER (NBC)
  7-King of Queens (CBS)2-Scrubs (NBC)
  6-Kidnapped (NBC)1-Prison Break (FOX)
Joel Schumacher
I can't believe the WB had the gall to cancel Modern Men! (40.6)
10-The Wedding Bells (FOX)5-One Tree Hill (WB)
  9-Day Break (ABC)4-Men in Trees (ABC)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)
  7-What About Brian (ABC)2-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)
  6-Twenty Good Years (NBC)1-Las Vegas (NBC)
Phil Castagna
let the HACKING MASS of TV Begin! (41.6)
10-Men in Trees (ABC)5-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  9-Justice (FOX)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-Standoff (FOX)3-Til Death (FOX)
  7-The Class (CBS)2-Jericho (CBS)
  6-King of Queens (CBS)1-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
Patrick Amrine
10-Help Me Help You (ABC)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)4-Men in Trees (ABC)
  8-Jericho (CBS)3-Hidden Palms (WB)
  7-Waterfront (CBS)2-Six Degrees (ABC)
  6-Big Day (ABC)1-Shark (CBS)
10-Help Me Help You (ABC)5-Men in Trees (ABC)
  9-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)4-Six Degrees (ABC)
  8-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)3-The Unit (CBS)
  7-Twenty Good Years (NBC)2-Numb3rs (CBS)
  6-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)1-The O.C. (FOX)
Leslie Alarcon
10-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)5-Vanished (FOX)
  9-Wife Swap (ABC)4-Heroes (NBC)
  8-What About Brian (ABC)3-Runaway (WB)
  7-The Class (CBS)2-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  6-Seventh Heaven (WB)1-Til Death (FOX)
Mitchell Szczepanczyk
10-Til Death (FOX)5-Six Degrees (ABC)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-Justice (FOX)
  8-Big Day (ABC)3-The Game (WB)
  7-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)2-Smith (CBS)
  6-Shark (CBS)1-Men in Trees (ABC)
A show called "Nobody's Watching"? They're just asking for it! (39.5)
10-Men in Trees (ABC)5-Shark (CBS)
  9-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)4-Runaway (WB)
  8-The Game (WB)3-Nobody's Watching (NBC)
  7-Happy Hour (FOX)2-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  6-Twenty Good Years (NBC)1-Desperate Housewives (ABC)
David Jacobson
10-Help Me Help You (ABC)5-Men in Trees (ABC)
  9-The Singles Table (NBC)4-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)
  8-Twenty Good Years (NBC)3-Happy Hour (FOX)
  7-Til Death (FOX)2-Runaway (WB)
  6-Friday Night Lights (NBC)1-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Referred by JQ (62.5)
10-30 Rock (NBC)5-Smith (CBS)
  9-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)4-The Game (WB)
  8-Happy Hour (FOX)3-Kidnapped (NBC)
  7-Men in Trees (ABC)2-Big Day (ABC)
  6-Til Death (FOX)1-The Singles Table (NBC)
Greg Sorenson
Nary a clue. (41.6)
10-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)5-Gilmore Girls (WB)
  9-30 Rock (NBC)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-King of Queens (CBS)3-Til Death (FOX)
  7-Help Me Help You (ABC)2-The Game (WB)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-Six Degrees (ABC)
Grover Stovall
I will avenge thee, Arrested Development! (38)
10-The Game (WB)5-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  9-Standoff (FOX)4-The Class (CBS)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-Smith (CBS)
  7-Happy Hour (FOX)2-Kidnapped (NBC)
  6-Shark (CBS)1-Scrubs (NBC)
Jason Br.
I don't watch TV, and clearly I use too much Interweb. (40.4)
10-Friday Night Lights (NBC)5-Six Degrees (ABC)
  9-Twenty Good Years (NBC)4-Jericho (CBS)
  8-Ugly Betty (ABC)3-The Class (CBS)
  7-Smallville (WB)2-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)
  6-Set For Life (ABC)1-The Nine (ABC)
I don't watch television, so this is effectively random. Just thought I would try to make other people feel better. (41.1)
10-Everybody Hates Chris (WB)5-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  9-How I Met Your Mother (CBS)4-Twenty Good Years (NBC)
  8-Til Death (FOX)3-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  7-King of Queens (CBS)2-Reba (WB)
  6-Extreme Makeover (ABC)1-The George Lopez Show (ABC)
David Jackino
This season needs a top 20 list! (38)
10-The Game (WB)5-The Singles Table (NBC)
  9-Shark (CBS)4-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  8-Men in Trees (ABC)3-Kidnapped (NBC)
  7-Ugly Betty (ABC)2-Seventh Heaven (WB)
  6-King of Queens (CBS)1-Happy Hour (FOX)
TV is dead. (41)
10-Men in Trees (ABC)5-Day Break (ABC)
  9-Happy Hour (FOX)4-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
  8-Standoff (FOX)3-Shark (CBS)
  7-The Class (CBS)2-Til Death (FOX)
  6-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)1-Ugly Betty (ABC)
Craig Barker
This year, I listen to my head, because my heart sucks at this. (41.1)
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Six Degrees (ABC)
  9-Big Day (ABC)4-Heroes (NBC)
  8-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)3-The Nine (ABC)
  7-The Game (WB)2-Men in Trees (ABC)
  6-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)1-Las Vegas (NBC)
10-Happy Hour (FOX)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-Men in Trees (ABC)4-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  8-What About Brian (ABC)3-The Class (CBS)
  7-Til Death (FOX)2-Jericho (CBS)
  6-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)1-Ugly Betty (ABC)
Greg Oppel
10-The Loop (FOX)5-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  9-Jericho (CBS)4-The Unit (CBS)
  8-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)3-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  7-What About Brian (ABC)2-The Office (NBC)
  6-Til Death (FOX)1-Reba (WB)
Brian Hight
Brookfield, WI "The Gateway to Waukesha" (40.3)
10-Friday Night Lights (NBC)5-Til Death (FOX)
  9-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)4-Men in Trees (ABC)
  8-The War at Home (FOX)3-King of the Hill (FOX)
  7-Crossing Jordan (NBC)2-Kidnapped (NBC)
  6-Happy Hour (FOX)1-The Game (WB)
10-Friday Night Lights (NBC)5-Men in Trees (ABC)
  9-Jericho (CBS)4-Hidden Palms (WB)
  8-Big Day (ABC)3-The Loop (FOX)
  7-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)2-Ugly Betty (ABC)
  6-Happy Hour (FOX)1-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)
Kevin Olmstead
10-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)5-Kidnapped (NBC)
  9-Ugly Betty (ABC)4-Jericho (CBS)
  8-Heroes (NBC)3-Justice (FOX)
  7-Men in Trees (ABC)2-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  6-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)1-Six Degrees (ABC)
nipsey russell
10-Friday Night Lights (NBC)5-Til Death (FOX)
  9-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)4-Reba (WB)
  8-What About Brian (ABC)3-3 Lbs. (CBS)
  7-30 Rock (NBC)2-Scrubs (NBC)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-Crossing Jordan (NBC)
10-Nobody's Watching (NBC)5-ER (NBC)
  9-The Singles Table (NBC)4-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  8-3 Lbs. (CBS)3-Big Day (ABC)
  7-Las Vegas (NBC)2-The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)
  6-Ugly Betty (ABC)1-The Nine (ABC)
Derek Winkler
10-Til Death (FOX)5-Vanished (FOX)
  9-The Game (WB)4-Runaway (WB)
  8-Friday Night Lights (NBC)3-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  7-The Class (CBS)2-Americas Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
  6-American Dad (FOX)1-The Simpsons (FOX)
Eric Bell
Norman OK USA (41.8)
10-Ugly Betty (ABC)5-30 Rock (NBC)
  9-Shark (CBS)4-Shark (CBS)
  8-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)3-Boston Legal (ABC)
  7-Six Degrees (ABC)2-Smith (CBS)
  6-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)1-ER (NBC)
Matt Zick
Cancel all lawyer shows! (42.0)
10-The Class (CBS)5-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  9-Friday Night Lights (NBC)4-Heroes (NBC)
  8-Jericho (CBS)3-The Nine (ABC)
  7-Ugly Betty (ABC)2-30 Rock (NBC)
  6-Men in Trees (ABC)1-Six Degrees (ABC)
10-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)5-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  9-Lost (ABC)4-Bones (FOX)
  8-Grey's Anatomy (ABC)3-Extreme Makeover (ABC)
  7-House (FOX)2-Vanished (FOX)
  6-Deal or No Deal (NBC)1-The Nine (ABC)
10-Men in Trees (ABC)5-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)
  9-Ugly Betty (ABC)4-Happy Hour (FOX)
  8-Friday Night Lights (NBC)3-Las Vegas (NBC)
  7-Heroes (NBC)2-According to Jim (ABC)
  6-What About Brian (ABC)1-King of Queens (CBS)
10-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)5-Big Day (ABC)
  9-Kidnapped (NBC)4-Til Death (FOX)
  8-Ugly Betty (ABC)3-Jericho (CBS)
  7-Heroes (NBC)2-30 Rock (NBC)
  6-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)1-Shark (CBS)
Stan Jastrzebski
10-Shark (CBS)5-The Class (CBS)
  9-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)4-Nobody's Watching (NBC)
  8-Notes From the Underbelly (ABC)3-Greg Behrendt's Wake Up Call (ABC)
  7-Big Day (ABC)2-Numb3rs (CBS)
  6-Friday Night Lights (NBC)1-Supernatural (WB)

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