The Ted Marshall Open 2008-2009

The Ted Marshall Open is a contest to see who can guess how many T.V. shows will be canceled during the 2008-2009 season. To be eligible, a show must:

20 points are awarded for each canceled show, plus bonus points (between 1 and 10) as assigned by the contestant. Shows that are crossed out in red and have a marker have presumably been canceled. Shows that are in green bold and have a smiley face have received a full-season order, but still may be canceled before next season. Purple text and an ambulance indicates the show was put on a hiatus. Blue text and a no symbol means the show never aired, making the entry ineligible. The large number indicates a player's score, while the smaller number in parentheses refers to the points lost by shows receiving a full-season order subtracted from the highest possible score (255), which indicates the player's highest possible point total. The tiebreaker is the actual retail price of the higher priced showcase on the September 22, 2008 episode of The Price is Right (which was 82285).

The Graveyard
According To Jim3 October 2001-2 June 2009: There is a God, he's two years late, but there is a God.
Boston Legal3 October 2004-8 December 2008: There was no set to sell on EBay, it was eaten by Shatner.
Crusoe17 October 2008-31 January 2009: 16 episodes? Still shorter than the book.
DirtySexyMoney26 October 2007-8 August 2009: NoLongerAiring
Do Not Disturb10 September 2008-24 September 2008: And the viewers complied.
Don't Forget The Lyrics11 July 2007-19 June 2009: I said, na, na na na na,
Easy Money5 October-2 November 2008: Easier money will the infomercials that replace this.
Eleventh Hour9 October 2008-2 April 2009: Beat expectations by seven hours.
Eli Stone31 January 2008-11 July 2009: I have a vision of unemployment.
ER19 September 1994-2 April 2009: The helicopter has a pilot commitment for next season.
Everybody Hates Chris22 September 2005-8 May 2009: I'll actually miss this one. Very underrated.
Harper's Island9 April-13 July 2009: Hey, at least Harry Hamlin got work.
Kath and Kim9 October 2008-12 March 2009: John Michael Higgins can get the archery target back out of the garage.
Knight Rider17 February 2008-4 March 2009: Bailout denied.
Life26 September 2007-8 April 2009: The Day of Reckoning is here.
Life On Mars18 October 2008-1 April 2009: Only fitting that that terrible ending aired on April Fools' Day.
Lipstick Jungle7 February-19 December 2008: I can't believe people do crappy dramas just to afford cars with German engineering.
My Own Worst Enemy13 October-1 December 2008: So, Christian Slater can go back to doing mov-, uh, er, whatever it is he does.
Opportunity Knocks23 September-14 October 2008: There are many other movies to make series out of than some obscure 90's Dana Carvey flick.
Prison Break29 August 2005-15 May 2009: Hope that tattoo wasn't permanent.
Privileged9 September 2008-24 February 2009: Being on this list is a right, not a privilege.
Pushing Daisies3 November 2007-13 June 2009: Close your Pie Hole.
Samantha Who15 October 2007-16 April 2009: Totally forgettable.
Sit Down Shut Up19 April-10 May 2009: ..and work on the AD movie.
Terminator13 January 2008-10 April 2009: It won't be back.
The Ex List10 October-31 October 2008: Ironically, that's what you're reading right now.
The Game1 October 2006-15 May 2009: Is Over
The Goode Family27 May-7 August 2009: All good things must come to an end. This did as well.
The Listener4 June-23 July 2009: If nobody watches your show, does it make a sound?
The Philanthropist24 June-12 August 2009: Jesse, Law and Order really needs you right now.
The Unit7 March 2006-10 May 2009: Hope they had insurance.
Valentine, Inc.5 October-2 November 2008: Scott? Karen? Ellis?
Worst Week22 September 2008-16 February 2009: Well, the 15 this turkey aired on, for starters.

Location (Tiebreaker)
Tyler Johnson
10-ER (NBC)5-Crusoe (NBC)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  8-Easy Money (CW)3-Life On Mars (ABC)
  7-Do Not Disturb (FOX)2-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  6-Worst Week (CBS)1-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
Mark Coen
I used to be good at this. (27115)
10-ER (NBC)5-The Ex List (CBS)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  8-Do Not Disturb (FOX)3-Life On Mars (ABC)
  7-Harper's Island (CBS)2-The Philanthropist (NBC)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-According To Jim (ABC)
Phil C
10-ER (NBC)5-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  9-Boston Legal (ABC)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Everybody Hates Chris (CW)3-According To Jim (ABC)
  7-The Game (CW)2-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  6-Worst Week (CBS)1-Crusoe (NBC)
David Bykowski
10-ER (NBC)5-The Ex List (CBS)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Crusoe (NBC)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  7-Life On Mars (ABC)2-The Mentalist (CBS)
  6-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)1-Easy Money (CW)
Mike Klauss
This time, I will crack the top 97. (42851)
10-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)5-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Easy Money (CW)
  8-Life On Mars (ABC)3-The Mentalist (CBS)
  7-Do Not Disturb (FOX)2-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  6-Knight Rider (NBC)1-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
Brick Barrientos
10-Eleventh Hour (CBS)5-Samantha Who (ABC)
  9-The Ex List (CBS)4-Knight Rider (NBC)
  8-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)3-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  7-Privileged (CW)2-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  6-Do Not Disturb (FOX)1-Life On Mars (ABC)
Seth Thrasher
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-Privileged (CW)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Valentine, Inc. (CW)3-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-According To Jim (ABC)
  6-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)1-Easy Money (CW)
Robert Mackey
10-ER (NBC)5-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  9-Eleventh Hour (CBS)4-DirtySexyMoney (ABC)
  8-Do Not Disturb (FOX)3-Harper's Island (CBS)
  7-Fringe (FOX)2-The Listener (NBC)
  6-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)1-The Ex List (CBS)
Josh Guers
Dying shows = Easy points? (52500)
10-ER (NBC)5-Worst Week (CBS)
  9-Scrubs (ABC)4-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  8-Boston Legal (ABC)3-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  7-Knight Rider (NBC)2-Privileged (CW)
  6-Valentine, Inc. (CW)1-Easy Money (CW)
Dwight Kidder
10-Worst Week (CBS)5-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-Life (NBC)
  8-Eli Stone (ABC)3-Easy Money (CW)
  7-Knight Rider (NBC)2-Samantha Who (ABC)
  6-Kath and Kim (NBC)1-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
James Dinan
Well, at least there are two gimmies this time around. (38000)
10-ER (NBC)5-Knight Rider (NBC)
  9-Boston Legal (ABC)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)3-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  7-Valentine, Inc. (CW)2-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
  6-Easy Money (CW)1-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Although I got burned last year by Scrubs not having their planned series finale, I'm trying again with ER. Which is even riskier. (129029)
10-ER (NBC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)4-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  8-Worst Week (CBS)3-Easy Money (CW)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  6-Valentine, Inc. (CW)1-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
Jessie Bykowski
10-ER (NBC)5-Life On Mars (ABC)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Easy Money (CW)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-The Mentalist (CBS)
  6-The Ex List (CBS)1-Cops (FOX)
Be gentle, it's my first time. (15030)
10-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)5-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Merlin (NBC)
  7-Privileged (CW)2-Harper's Island (CBS)
  6-Eli Stone (ABC)1-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
Cristina Banafanafofina
Trying to beat last year's score:) (38952)
10-Valentine, Inc. (CW)5-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  9-Knight Rider (NBC)4-The Mentalist (CBS)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-Life On Mars (ABC)
  7-Kath and Kim (NBC)2-Easy Money (CW)
  6-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)1-90210 (CW)
Timothy Woodward
This is the year...60 Minutes is going down! (32445)
10-ER (NBC)5-Crusoe (NBC)
  9-Life On Mars (ABC)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  7-Terminator (FOX)2-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  6-Friday Night Lights (NBC)1-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
Leslie Alarcon
10-Crusoe (NBC)5-Merlin (NBC)
  9-The Game (CW)4-According To Jim (ABC)
  8-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)3-The Ex List (CBS)
  7-Knight Rider (NBC)2-The Rules of Engagement (CBS)
  6-The Goode Family (ABC)1-The Philanthropist (NBC)
Derek Winkler
10-ER (NBC)5-Privileged (CW)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Easy Money (CW)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  6-The Mentalist (CBS)1-Gossip Girl (CW)
10-The Goode Family (ABC)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)4-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  8-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)3-The Mentalist (CBS)
  7-Harper's Island (CBS)2-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  6-Worst Week (CBS)1-ER (NBC)
Matt Z.
There is an updated version of 90210. How about "Welcome Back Kotter"? (32000)
10-ER (NBC)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Fringe (FOX)
  8-The Ex List (CBS)3-DirtySexyMoney (ABC)
  7-Worst Week (CBS)2-Life On Mars (ABC)
  6-Valentine, Inc. (CW)1-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
Joe Coughlin
10-Do Not Disturb (FOX)5-Harper's Island (CBS)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-The Philanthropist (NBC)
  8-Easy Money (CW)3-Merlin (NBC)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-The Listener (NBC)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-The Ex List (CBS)
Steve Luck
10-The Ex List (CBS)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-Crusoe (NBC)4-Fringe (FOX)
  8-Worst Week (CBS)3-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  7-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)2-Pushing Daisies (ABC)
  6-Valentine, Inc. (CW)1-Kath and Kim (NBC)
Tom Haddad
'According to Jim' will never die! (52435)
10-Kath and Kim (NBC)5-Worst Week (CBS)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)3-The Goode Family (ABC)
  7-Valentine, Inc. (CW)2-Eli Stone (ABC)
  6-The Ex List (CBS)1-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
Ken Johnson
10-Do Not Disturb (FOX)5-Crusoe (NBC)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-The Goode Family (ABC)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Harper's Island (CBS)
  7-Worst Week (CBS)2-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  6-Life On Mars (ABC)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
Greg Weinstein
make way for the young guns ()
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Crusoe (NBC)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  8-Do Not Disturb (FOX)3-Worst Week (CBS)
  7-ER (NBC)2-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  6-The Ex List (CBS)1-Smallville (CW)
David Jacobson
10-Gary Unmarried (CBS)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Worst Week (CBS)3-Knight Rider (NBC)
  7-The Game (CW)2-Harper's Island (CBS)
  6-Life On Mars (ABC)1-90210 (CW)
Top 10 Shows
The Top 10 Shows, as picked by you, the home viewer (33277)
10-ER (NBC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-The Mentalist (CBS)
  7-Valentine, Inc. (CW)2-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  6-Knight Rider (NBC)1-Life On Mars (ABC)
Please let this be the year that According to Jim is finally cancelled! (21013)
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Life (NBC)
  9-ER (NBC)4-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  8-Smallville (CW)3-Easy Money (CW)
  7-According To Jim (ABC)2-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  6-Do Not Disturb (FOX)1-Prison Break (FOX)
Alison LaPlaca
10-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Knight Rider (NBC)4-Privileged (CW)
  8-The Mentalist (CBS)3-Worst Week (CBS)
  7-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)2-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  6-Fringe (FOX)1-Harper's Island (CBS)
Rod Morrow
10-Kath and Kim (NBC)5-Crusoe (NBC)
  9-Privileged (CW)4-Harper's Island (CBS)
  8-The Mentalist (CBS)3-The Philanthropist (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  6-Do Not Disturb (FOX)1-The Ex List (CBS)
Chris Henry
When does Conan the Librarian come on? (17500)
10-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-The Mentalist (CBS)3-Crusoe (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Knight Rider (NBC)
  6-Life (NBC)1-Eli Stone (ABC)
10-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)5-Privileged (CW)
  9-Fringe (FOX)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-The Philanthropist (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-The Goode Family (ABC)
  6-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)1-The Listener (NBC)
Third time's a me "According to Jim"! I'm telling you, if that show gets a season 9... (32766)
10-One Tree Hill (CW)5-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  9-Privileged (CW)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Kath and Kim (NBC)3-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  7-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)2-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  6-Fringe (FOX)1-According To Jim (ABC)
Rogers Cadenhead
"If you want to live in the zip, you have to live by the code." (31209)
10-ER (NBC)5-Privileged (CW)
  9-90210 (CW)4-Eli Stone (ABC)
  8-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)3-Easy Money (CW)
  7-The Mentalist (CBS)2-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  6-Life On Mars (ABC)1-The Ex List (CBS)
Tristan Harter
Make the Bad Horse gleeful or he'll make you his mare. (20350)
10-Friday Night Lights (NBC)5-Easy Money (CW)
  9-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)4-DirtySexyMoney (ABC)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-Life (NBC)
  7-The Ex List (CBS)2-The Goode Family (ABC)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-Harper's Island (CBS)
snowed in
Eventually the networks will figure out they can get a 6 share with a Juice Tiger infomercial, and then all these shows are gone... (42293)
10-Scrubs (ABC)5-Eli Stone (ABC)
  9-According To Jim (ABC)4-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  8-Valentine, Inc. (CW)3-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  7-The Mentalist (CBS)2-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  6-Easy Money (CW)1-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
Ben Scripps
Life is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come. (M. Groening) (35442)
10-Gary Unmarried (CBS)5-Privileged (CW)
  9-The Mentalist (CBS)4-Crusoe (NBC)
  8-Eleventh Hour (CBS)3-Easy Money (CW)
  7-Kath and Kim (NBC)2-Worst Week (CBS)
  6-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)1-The Ex List (CBS)
Ed Dravecky
10-Easy Money (CW)5-Sit Down Shut Up (FOX)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-Merlin (NBC)
  8-Privileged (CW)3-Crusoe (NBC)
  7-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)2-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  6-Kath and Kim (NBC)1-Dollhouse (FOX)
Mark Jeffries
Anyone *not* including one certain show? (28704)
10-ER (NBC)5-Medium (NBC)
  9-Life On Mars (ABC)4-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  8-Everybody Hates Chris (CW)3-Worst Week (CBS)
  7-The Game (CW)2-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
  6-According To Jim (ABC)1-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
David Puddy
That chimp's alright. High Five! (48765)
10-Valentine, Inc. (CW)5-Knight Rider (NBC)
  9-Eli Stone (ABC)4-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-Life On Mars (ABC)
  7-Worst Week (CBS)2-The Mentalist (CBS)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-Numb3rs (CBS)
Kevin Olmstead
10-ER (NBC)5-The Ex List (CBS)
  9-Life On Mars (ABC)4-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Fringe (FOX)
  7-Pushing Daisies (ABC)2-Smallville (CW)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
Craig Barker
100 years from now, those generations who succeed us will watch just one program...and that program will be ~According to Jim.~ (31878)
10-ER (NBC)5-Fringe (FOX)
  9-Easy Money (CW)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)3-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  7-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)2-Scrubs (ABC)
  6-Do Not Disturb (FOX)1-According To Jim (ABC)
Rob Long
10-ER (NBC)5-Easy Money (CW)
  9-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)4-Crusoe (NBC)
  8-Do Not Disturb (FOX)3-Merlin (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Sit Down Shut Up (FOX)
  6-Valentine, Inc. (CW)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
Eric Bell
Oklahoma City OK (26000)
10-ER (NBC)5-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  9-The Ex List (CBS)4-The Mentalist (CBS)
  8-Life On Mars (ABC)3-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  7-Knight Rider (NBC)2-Worst Week (CBS)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-Fringe (FOX)
Jonathan Bourne
No one picked 1 vs 100 to get cancelled last season... except NBC. So long, health care! (29000)
10-ER (NBC)5-90210 (CW)
  9-Life On Mars (ABC)4-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  8-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)3-Knight Rider (NBC)
  7-Do Not Disturb (FOX)2-Worst Week (CBS)
  6-The Mentalist (CBS)1-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
Jim Sirianni
Derka Derka... (47982)
10-Knight Rider (NBC)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Crusoe (NBC)
  8-The Ex List (CBS)3-The Unit (CBS)
  7-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)2-Fringe (FOX)
  6-Gossip Girl (CW)1-Privileged (CW)
Janine Flood (formerly JFlo)
Have you considered calling it "The Jason Gedrick Open"? (29001)
10-ER (NBC)5-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  9-Smallville (CW)4-Harper's Island (CBS)
  8-Valentine, Inc. (CW)3-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  7-Knight Rider (NBC)2-According To Jim (ABC)
  6-The Ex List (CBS)1-Medium (NBC)
Chris Rosenberg
I think we're about due for a Facts of Life Reunion movie (19800)
10-ER (NBC)5-Crusoe (NBC)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Valentine, Inc. (CW)3-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  7-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)2-Prison Break (FOX)
  6-Kath and Kim (NBC)1-Scrubs (ABC)
10-ER (NBC)5-Knight Rider (NBC)
  9-Worst Week (CBS)4-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  8-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)3-Crusoe (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  6-Til Death (FOX)1-90210 (CW)
Joe Van Ginkel
I don't care if she IS getting married. I still love Amy Jo. (75000)
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Worst Week (CBS)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-The Mentalist (CBS)3-Crusoe (NBC)
  7-Privileged (CW)2-According To Jim (ABC)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-Scrubs (ABC)
10-ER (NBC)5-Harper's Island (CBS)
  9-Prison Break (FOX)4-The Goode Family (ABC)
  8-Dollhouse (FOX)3-The Ex List (CBS)
  7-Harper's Island (CBS)2-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  6-Lost (ABC)1-Smallville (CW)
Buster Phil
Newton Minnow was right (12000)
10-Kath and Kim (NBC)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-90210 (CW)4-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-Worst Week (CBS)
  7-Eleventh Hour (CBS)2-Crusoe (NBC)
  6-The Ex List (CBS)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
10-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)5-According To Jim (ABC)
  9-Samantha Who (ABC)4-DirtySexyMoney (ABC)
  8-Gary Unmarried (CBS)3-Crusoe (NBC)
  7-Do Not Disturb (FOX)2-Privileged (CW)
  6-The Moment of Truth (FOX)1-Smallville (CW)
Beth Saxton
Judging the tastes of the viewing public is much harder than it used to be (1300)
10-ER (NBC)5-According To Jim (ABC)
  9-Crusoe (NBC)4-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  8-One Tree Hill (CW)3-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  7-Kath and Kim (NBC)2-Privileged (CW)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
Timothy Northrup
10-The Listener (NBC)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-The Philanthropist (NBC)4-The Cleveland Show (FOX)
  8-The Goode Family (ABC)3-Eli Stone (ABC)
  7-Fringe (FOX)2-Privileged (CW)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
Mike Burger
I wish people could take a little humor sometimes. (35420)
10-Smallville (CW)5-Fringe (FOX)
  9-Life On Mars (ABC)4-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  8-The Ex List (CBS)3-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  6-The Goode Family (ABC)1-Medium (NBC)
Mark Richey
If only we could issue a Cease and Desist to ABC for continuing to employ Jim Belushi. (34275)
10-Do Not Disturb (FOX)5-90210 (CW)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-ER (NBC)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-Boston Legal (ABC)
  7-Harper's Island (CBS)2-Scrubs (ABC)
  6-Knight Rider (NBC)1-According To Jim (ABC)
Trey Hilyard
10-Valentine, Inc. (CW)5-The Goode Family (ABC)
  9-Easy Money (CW)4-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  8- ()3-Knight Rider (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  6-The Ex List (CBS)1-The Philanthropist (NBC)
Robert Ray
10-Crusoe (NBC)5-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
  9-Easy Money (CW)4-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  8-Worst Week (CBS)3-The Ex List (CBS)
  7-The Mentalist (CBS)2-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-ER (NBC)
Kevin Philpy
Is he going to break out of prison again? Really? (28295)
10-ER (NBC)5-Scrubs (ABC)
  9-The Moment of Truth (FOX)4-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  8-Do Not Disturb (FOX)3-The Listener (NBC)
  7-Valentine, Inc. (CW)2-The Ex List (CBS)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-Prison Break (FOX)
Amanda Hartman
10-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)5-Dollhouse (FOX)
  9-The Mentalist (CBS)4-Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  8-Knight Rider (NBC)3-ER (NBC)
  7-Life On Mars (ABC)2-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  6-Eleventh Hour (CBS)1-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
James Quintong
10-ER (NBC)5-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  9-Scrubs (ABC)4-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  8-The Ex List (CBS)3-The Mentalist (CBS)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  6-Worst Week (CBS)1-Easy Money (CW)
It would be easier if there were 10 "Cavemen" spin-offs this year... (38000)
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-The Listener (NBC)4-Easy Money (CW)
  8-The Mentalist (CBS)3-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  7-Privileged (CW)2-Crusoe (NBC)
  6-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)1-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
Brian Hight
Brookfield, WI (65102)
10-Gary Unmarried (CBS)5-The Ex List (CBS)
  9-Friday Night Lights (NBC)4-ER (NBC)
  8-Do Not Disturb (FOX)3-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  7-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)2-Fringe (FOX)
  6-Life (NBC)1-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
Opie Cunningham
10-ER (NBC)5-Prison Break (FOX)
  9-Scrubs (ABC)4-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  8-Smallville (CW)3-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  7-Life On Mars (ABC)2-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  6-Worst Week (CBS)1-According To Jim (ABC)
Mitchell Szczepanczyk
In my mind and in my heart, this will ALWAYS be known as the Alison LaPlaca Open. (37465)
10-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-The Ex List (CBS)4-The Mentalist (CBS)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-Fringe (FOX)
  7-Life On Mars (ABC)2-Gossip Girl (CW)
  6-Eleventh Hour (CBS)1-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
Kurt Stefan
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-According To Jim (ABC)
  9-ER (NBC)4-Merlin (NBC)
  8-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)3-The Ex List (CBS)
  7-Dollhouse (FOX)2-The Mentalist (CBS)
  6-Life On Mars (ABC)1-Scrubs (ABC)
10-ER (NBC)5-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  9-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)4-The Cleveland Show (FOX)
  8-The Ex List (CBS)3-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
  7-Scrubs (ABC)2-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  6-Terminator (FOX)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
Wipeout Jones
Worst Week? How about worst year of primetime shows -- ever??? (28540)
10-Worst Week (CBS)5-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  9-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Samantha Who (ABC)3-The Mentalist (CBS)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  6-Privileged (CW)1-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Steve Holler
10-Easy Money (CW)5-Knight Rider (NBC)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-Samantha Who (ABC)3-Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  7-Fringe (FOX)2-Privileged (CW)
  6-90210 (CW)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
Mike Philpy
10-Crusoe (NBC)5-The Unit (CBS)
  9-Privileged (CW)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Smallville (CW)3-Prison Break (FOX)
  7-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)2-Scrubs (ABC)
  6-The Mentalist (CBS)1-Private Practice (ABC)
The Enfarcer
Macadamias for Moonlight! (39818)
10-ER (NBC)5-Fringe (FOX)
  9-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)4-Scrubs (ABC)
  8-The Cleveland Show (FOX)3-Knight Rider (NBC)
  7-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)2-The Game (CW)
  6-Privileged (CW)1-The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Adam Snavely
10-Life On Mars (ABC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-Eli Stone (ABC)
  8-The Moment of Truth (FOX)3-Eli Stone (ABC)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-90210 (CW)
  6-According To Jim (ABC)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
10-Valentine, Inc. (CW)5-One Tree Hill (CW)
  9-Easy Money (CW)4-ER (NBC)
  8-The Big Bang Theory (CBS)3-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  7-Prison Break (FOX)2-The Philanthropist (NBC)
  6-Chuck (NBC)1-Merlin (NBC)
Mark Treschl
10-The Ex List (CBS)5-DirtySexyMoney (ABC)
  9-Life (NBC)4-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  8-The Ghost Whisperer (CBS)3-Pushing Daisies (ABC)
  7-Kath and Kim (NBC)2-Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (FOX)
  6-Private Practice (ABC)1-Harper's Island (CBS)
Anthony Bush
Will the broken-hearted fans of Swingtown send nuts too? (38459)
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Fringe (FOX)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-Life On Mars (ABC)
  8-Gary Unmarried (CBS)3-The Ex List (CBS)
  7-Do Not Disturb (FOX)2-Scrubs (ABC)
  6-The Mentalist (CBS)1-Easy Money (CW)
Susanne Dinan
10-ER (NBC)5-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Knight Rider (NBC)
  8-Valentine, Inc. (CW)3-Smallville (CW)
  7-90210 (CW)2-Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
Timothy Sternberg
10-According To Jim (ABC)5-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  9-Crusoe (NBC)4-The Goode Family (ABC)
  8-Friday Night Lights (NBC)3-Harper's Island (CBS)
  7-Fringe (FOX)2-DirtySexyMoney (ABC)
  6-Til Death (FOX)1-The Mentalist (CBS)
I can't believe the FIRST Knight Rider made it past its 1st season. (12750)
10-Knight Rider (NBC)5-Harper's Island (CBS)
  9-The Mentalist (CBS)4-Merlin (NBC)
  8-Kath and Kim (NBC)3-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Private Practice (ABC)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-The Ex List (CBS)
10-According To Jim (ABC)5-Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  9-Worst Week (CBS)4-Til Death (FOX)
  8-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)3-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  7-Gary Unmarried (CBS)2-Knight Rider (NBC)
  6-Gossip Girl (CW)1-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
Josh Allen
10-Easy Money (CW)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-The Big Bang Theory (CBS)4-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  8-The Philanthropist (NBC)3-Privileged (CW)
  7-The Cleveland Show (FOX)2-90210 (CW)
  6-Kath and Kim (NBC)1-Knight Rider (NBC)
10-Knight Rider (NBC)5-Life On Mars (ABC)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-The Ex List (CBS)
  8-ER (NBC)3-Scrubs (ABC)
  7-One Tree Hill (CW)2-Terminator (FOX)
  6-The Mentalist (CBS)1-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
Rob Hoffmann
Yes, I'm going to pick ER #1, I'm not proud... (38250)
10-ER (NBC)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-Friday Night Lights (NBC)4-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  8-Scrubs (ABC)3-One Tree Hill (CW)
  7-Kath and Kim (NBC)2-The Ex List (CBS)
  6-Knight Rider (NBC)1-Privileged (CW)
10-ER (NBC)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-Friday Night Lights (NBC)4-According To Jim (ABC)
  8-One Tree Hill (CW)3-Law and Order (NBC)
  7-Worst Week (CBS)2-Eleventh Hour (CBS)
  6-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)1-Worst Week (CBS)
10-Friday Night Lights (NBC)5-The Mentalist (CBS)
  9-The Ex List (CBS)4-Fringe (FOX)
  8-Gary Unmarried (CBS)3-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  7-Worst Week (CBS)2-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-Samantha Who (ABC)
Joel Gluskin
10-Boston Legal (ABC)5-Knight Rider (NBC)
  9-One Tree Hill (CW)4-The Mentalist (CBS)
  8-Gary Unmarried (CBS)3-Crusoe (NBC)
  7-Scrubs (ABC)2-Life (NBC)
  6-Kath and Kim (NBC)1-Harper's Island (CBS)
How dare you finally be on a show that gets renewed, Taye Diggs! How dare you! (54000)
10-ER (NBC)5-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  9-Fringe (FOX)4-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  8-Sit Down Shut Up (FOX)3-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  7-According To Jim (ABC)2-The Mentalist (CBS)
  6-Eleventh Hour (CBS)1-Scrubs (ABC)
Ben Williams
10-Samantha Who (ABC)5-The Ex List (CBS)
  9-Chuck (NBC)4-Life (NBC)
  8-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)3-Dollhouse (FOX)
  7-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)2-Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
"One particularly dim programme planner can cock the whole thing up." (35000)
10-ER (NBC)5-Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  9-Kath and Kim (NBC)4-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  8-Law and Order (NBC)3-King of the Hill (FOX)
  7-Scrubs (ABC)2-90210 (CW)
  6-Crusoe (NBC)1-Knight Rider (NBC)
Phil Collins
10-The Mentalist (CBS)5-Fringe (FOX)
  9-Lipstick Jungle (ABC)4-Scrubs (ABC)
  8-Crusoe (NBC)3-Parks and Recreation (NBC)
  7-Knight Rider (NBC)2-The Philanthropist (NBC)
  6-Gary Unmarried (CBS)1-Sit Down Shut Up (FOX)
Josue Chi
Just wild guessing for most of them (5999)
10-The Mentalist (CBS)5-American Dad (FOX)
  9-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)4-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  8-Privileged (CW)3-Worst Week (CBS)
  7-Til Death (FOX)2-Do Not Disturb (FOX)
  6-Supernanny (ABC)1-Gossip Girl (CW)
Richard Mason
He's a reincarnated serial killer-- his partner's a bird. They're cops. (16000)
10-Smallville (CW)5-Knight Rider (NBC)
  9-Scrubs (ABC)4-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  8-Harper's Island (CBS)3-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  7-Crusoe (NBC)2-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  6-Merlin (NBC)1-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
10-Do Not Disturb (FOX)5-Valentine, Inc. (CW)
  9-Gary Unmarried (CBS)4-The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  8- ()3-Opportunity Knocks (ABC)
  7-The Mentalist (CBS)2-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  6-Private Practice (ABC)1-Knight Rider (NBC)
Greg Sorenson
Donna Martin Graduates! (21295)
10-ER (NBC)5-Gary Unmarried (CBS)
  9-Boston Legal (ABC)4-My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
  8-Smallville (CW)3-Dollhouse (FOX)
  7-One Tree Hill (CW)2-90210 (CW)
  6-Knight Rider (NBC)1-The Moment of Truth (FOX)
I hate shows that say they are in their last season and then get a new "life" on a new network! (45236)
10-ER (NBC)5-Smallville (CW)
  9-Valentine, Inc. (CW)4-Kath and Kim (NBC)
  8-Gary Unmarried (CBS)3-Til Death (FOX)
  7-Parks and Recreation (NBC)2-The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
  6-Friday Night Lights (NBC)1-The Mentalist (CBS)

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